Revolution Is My Name – GH07’s Tokyo Marui Recce EBBR Interview


Revolution Is My Name – GH07’s Tokyo Marui Recce EBBR Interview

Every so often something catches your eye, its uniqueness, piques your interest and captures the imagination.
Over several weeks I’ve observed a fairly different project take shape and so much so it’s journey to completion has been an enjoyable process to watch unfold.

It is ‘ShouldbeMiller’s’Marui EBBRRecce‘ rifle.

‘ShouldbeMiller’ is perhaps better known as GH07 from the inimitable Gun-Ho Team – a hard training group of like minded players, passionate for DA Games and MilSim events – hard chargers f’sure but a friendly lot, with an abundant passion for what they do.

I contacted him to get the latest on this project and find out all about its inspiration and his motivation for the particular build.

However to set the scene, we asked a little about the man behind the blaster, as this often goes some way to explaining the thought process behind these custom builds.

: How long have you been involved in Airsoft, your preferred gaming style (Milsim/Skirmish etc) and a brief over view of where your leaning towards – is your Loadout based on a particular theme or unit or do you change accordingly to the AO etc ?

: I’ve been playing airsoft for six years now. I mainly attend “Milsim” type games and training classes but still attend the occasional skirmish day at select skirmish sites. My main goal as an Airsoft player is to continue improving my skills and equipment so that I and my team are as effective as possible when we attend MilSim Op’s.

I’ve moved away from impression kits as I found them restrictive. Nowadays I use only things that work for me so my Loadout will change depending on length of the OP, AO, weather conditions etc. The only restriction to my gear is that it must coincide with our team SOP’s. This allows us to remain looking uniform and ensures consistency in placement of important equipment such as flash bangs.

: Perfect, I’m actually pleasantly surprised regarding the ‘move’ from the Load Out Template – I’d arrived at the same extrapolation …

So, the base platform for your blaster is a Tokyo Marui EBBR – any specific reason you’d opted over this as opposed to the popularized PTW’s and high end GBBR’s ?

SBM: The main reason for not choosing the PTW system is very simple, it’s out of my price range. As for the GBBR’s, they don’t provide a reliable enough platform for me to invest time and money getting them where I need them to be. Luckily the TM NGRS’ is a great compromise for me as it’s reliable, provides realistic features such as the bolt stop mechanism and leaves enough spare cash in the bank to spend on overpriced tactical nylon.

GM75: As I suspected, and I take you share commonality amongst your team mates so exchange of magazines is not problematic, particularly as you all train quite frequently ?

SBM: Yeah that correct. As a team we run TM EBB’s almost exclusively. This aids with sharing of equipment and means we can share knowledge on potential issues with the weapons. We train as regularly as possible and the TM certainly aids our training by allowing the magazines to be changed from 82 rounds capacity to 30 which will force reloads.

GM75: So, to the uninitiated what is particular to a ‘Recce’ set up and what is its advantages ?

SBM: The basics of the recce rifle is a 16″ barrelled AR15 platform with increased capabilities in terms of range over the standard 14.5″ M4A1 & 10.3″ MK18’s while still being manoeuvrable unlike some dedicated 7.62 DMR’s. I’ve adapted this theory to suit my needs in this build.

GM75: So range and accuracy without compromise of maneuverability – in particular have you selected particular accessories for practical purposes to assist with the theory behind this build ?

SBM: Yeah I have. I’ve chosen hop up components by Fire Fly coupled with a longer barrel to aid in range. I chose the shorter 14.5” barrel to aid in manoeuvrability when using a suppressor. Power wise the gun will remain under 350 fps so I’m not governed by any engagement distances. Externally the gun has a Dytac Geisselle MKIV 12.5” rail attached, this provides a monolithic 12 oclock rail to allow free positioning of optics. The glass of choice is a Vision King short dot as it’s the highest quality optic I’ve used for the price. In addition to this there’s the usual flash light and laser capabilities that will come on and off the gun depending on the OP.

GM75: Now, you given this a particular subtle but no less eye catching paint job – it’s garnered quite rightly a lot of admiration across several social media platforms – how did you approach this – it certainly looks like it’s functional, but nonetheless is aesthetically pleasing !!!

SBM: Thanks mate, The main purpose of the paint it purely to break up the appearance gun & help camouflage it. The effect was achieved by mixing khaki, green and brown In a random pattern. Nothing fancy compared to some of the camo jobs around today!

GM75: … good stuff, it’s simplicity is perhaps what makes so uniquely striking.

So, does this particular build sit you somewhere within a particular role on the team, such as DMR or as mentioned earlier the rifles flexibility to operate in a variety OP’s allow you flex between roles ?

SBM: Yeah I would say so. My main role within the team is best described as an “assaulter” sort of position. But this build allows me to transition between that and the more DMR role which I like

GM75: Last question, I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, I gather that you are too – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?

SBM: I’m all for lower magazine limits, its something I talk regularly about with team mates as we tend to feel pressured into using our mags set to 82 rnds in order to stay competitive against the bigger capacity mid caps that are around today. However It would give the game a whole new dynamic. Unfortunately I cant see it becoming common place until event organisers and weapon manufacturers make it more common place. Until then I’ll continue to train on 30 and compete on 82.

GM75: Amen to that, sadly I think you’ve surmised it succinctly right there.

It’s been great talking about this project, and appreciate you taking the time out to do this, any last words or pearls of wisdom for and prospective ‘Blaster Builders’ ?

SBM: All I can say when it comes to setting up your gun is keep it simple, stupid.

Thanks to you S23 for having me, really appreciate you taking interest in my equipment.

So there you have it – a decisive and thoughtful build that’s produced not only something pleasing to the eye, but an effective game changer that’s straddles a multitude of roles. A reliable and accurate Blaster that would be a worthy addition to any team or enthusiasts armory – S23

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