GH05’s Loadout ‘Debrief’ Interview

GH05’s Loadout ‘Debrief’ Interview

Hot off the heels of GH07’s Blaster Interview – GH05 jumped into the saddle to talk us through his kit, training and the ‘weather’ …

As I’m sure some of you already know, Gun Ho are a Northern based team with a disposition to high end kit, MilSim and thusly not satisfied with wearing ‘cool guy gear’ they train equally hard and as just enthusiastically on an almost religious basis.

… #GHDQ …

In fact it was a certain ‘in action’ shot which caught my eye, so authentic and considered in its approach – it could easily of been mistaken for a photo of a real steel ‘operator’ captured in the wild …

Now, what makes me laud such praise on a die hard player such as GH05 – well, he’ll be far too modest to admit, and as such he’s a stoic and stalwart character, but you could clearly see a carefully crafted approach to setting up his kit had obviously been learnt over several years of experience. I had to find out more …

GM75: How long have you been playing Airsoft, do you have a particular preference – eg MilSim or regular Skirmishing, and naturally your part of Gun Ho what’s your role in the team ?

GH05: I think it must be about 4 years that I have been playing. My preferred games are long MilSim games but of course I do enjoy a skirmish with the team at our local site, it keeps you sharp. But at the moment I’m enjoying the training events we attend more than anything else. Learning new tactics and drills from trained guys adds more enjoyment. My part in the team is simple, like the rest of the guys i am an “assaulter” but i play the role of medic. In a recon/sniper role I am a spotter. 


: So keeping in mind the real steel elements of MilSim and the Training – has this driven you towards a particular Loadout inspired by real world units or is it something you’ve arrived at with experience over time ?

GH05: My kit at the moment is a Combat Applications Group impression (CAG, ACE, Delta). With it being an impression I try and use the same kit they would be issued but tailored to my needs. I am forever altering the layout of my CPC to find that perfect set up. Everything can evolve …

GM75: So, to the uninitiated your running a Crye CPC – what advantages does this bring for you over other plate carriers out there ?

GH05: With wanting to do a CAG impression I was left with either a JPC or the CPC, I went with the CPC because of its load bearing capabilities. You can carry more weight on your upper body due to the rigs harness which spreads the weight. Unlike other rigs like the JPC or 6094 styles where its all on your shoulders. The CPC also has the ability to run zip on back panels so I can change from my assaulter panel to a clean one so i can run a pack.

GM75: Something that intrigued and more over impressed me here, was your magazine set up, Primary mags first and Secondary mags to the weak side – a rarity amongst most players. Is this something you’d garnered from training, or rather you’d set up your rig to optimize your training ?

GH05: That is a new alteration to my rig. I’m yet to combat test it. I used to run my secondary mags on my left cummerbund but I wanted the space for the BFG dump pouch so I can use it easier. It might change again before the next time we train. 


 GM75: Two points for you to consider, some people frown at the cost of real steel kit, personally I’m a fan of its longevity and operability over ‘repro’ kit and like you’ve done here the accessories go a long way to polishing kit giving it that finished look, yet many people also frown on this, thoughts ?

GH05: About the people who “frown” towards RS gear, it comes across as jealousy really, might not be that, but its how it comes across. In my experience, the people that hate and give you shit about using expensive gear, either have loads of guns or loads of repo gear. The way I see it is, why spend loads of money on lots of substandard copies, when I can have one set of top of the of line, battle tested kit. Its designed to be used in the harshest environments and situations, so it is going to stand up to what we need it for and more. Obviously each to their own, its the joy of living with freedom. Some of my kit wasnt even that expensive, you just need to know where to look. The accessories I run on my kit are there for like you said, to add too and finish off the look. I like my kit to be as “real” as possible but still have uses. The blind fold and tri-cuffs I have on my rig, do get used depending on the OP. The chemlights, CAT, sharpies and bolt cutters do get used. But they get used in our training exercise or MilSim ops. Which not everyone attends or understands. I guess if I was carrying all this stuff to day skirmish I could see their point but even then some of it gets used. 
 GM75: Totally agree, and a fantastic explanation. So obviously CAG/ACE/Delta have been an inspiration here, Multicam has been exceptionally popularized of late, how do you find its application or rather effectiveness in the field ?

GH05: Yeah Multicam has become very popular as of late. With us mostly doing DAM (Direct Action Missions), the effectiveness of a camo pattern doesn’t really come into question. If we were doing some rural/recce ops it would happen and we would change parts of our kit to suit the AO. But with that being said, multicam can be very effective in a rural/woodland AO … 


GM75: … it’s good see thought being applied to AO variation, now, I couldn’t help but spot a favorite of mine – the boots, Salomon 4D GTX – I take it your a fan, would you go back to any other boot ?

GH05: Easy answer, NO! Salomon are main choice of footwear and a team favourite. The Quests are everything I need in a boot and more. If I dont need to run a high boot, I also have a pair of ultra 3Ds.

GM75: So, considering how much of the UK’s weather is inclement – what’s your go to bits of kit to keep you in the fight when the weather really takes a turn for the worse, I’ve seen you guys hit AO’s in some pretty cold months ?

GH05: Layering is the key. Always have good base layer. I use the under armour cold and heat gear compress tops. My main outer layer is a Blackhawk level 5 PCU, its just a soft shell but it can hold the heat in when partnered with other layers. Its also rather waterproof but it has its limit. Waterproof kit is something i need to work on.

GM75: … it’s an ongoing quest, although I scored a Wild Thing’s Soft Shell that’s naturally repellant …

So, off topic – I’m aware from GH07, you train pretty regularly – what can you tell us about the teams SOP’s regarding kit commonality – is there a particular train of thought on setting kit up for how you train and fight ?

GH05: When it comes to SOPs and training, we dont really have any. Our kits are individually set up for each users needs. Most of use run space for bangs/smoke on our backs and myself and GH07 will carry some form of breaching tool on our backs depending on the Op (GH07 – ladders. Myself – bolt cutters or a pry bar). Some of use may even carry an SSE kit in a utility pouch, again on our backs.

GM75: … and has the training paid off, do you now find a more cohesive and effective team with regards to CQB and room clearance, improved communication and tactics, has it given you an added edge over your Op For ?

GH05: We have always been a team that played well together. That came from us just playing together over time. The training has made some big improvements in skills and thinking, we recently commented on that our selves. The fact we attend training events ran by trained professionals helps even more. I believe everyone should train in one way or another.

GM75: So as we draw to a close what are you looking for kit, that gets the GH05 approval – any particular features you look for – what makes it a standard setter ?

GH05: Ohhh now that is a hard one. As I do an impression for my main kit, anything used by CAG is good to go with me. If they use it, its definitely up to the task. But of course there is some limits to what you can get. Such as the crye 330d pouches, they have a very high price tag. If its not for my main impression such as my recce kit, I like to stick with the high end gear, again it has been tested. But I did recently get the Haley Strategic D3 chest rig. Its a simple rig for my needs. Recce needs to be simple in my mind.

GM75: – okay last but not least, huge thanks for taking the time out to do this, always great to get an insight into someone’s thought process on building kit – a question I’d like to coin is this one – Last question, I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, I gather that you are too – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?


… Gun Ho’s GH05 ‘Moolegh’ …
GH05: It has been a pleasure. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Since getting my recoil, it has given me the option to run my mags at 30 rounds. And we have recently started to do this at training (its part of their requirements, real cap mags) and I agree it does add more to the game. You have to be wary about your shots and it forces you to change mags. Again adding another level of realism. It would be great if more people and companies pushed the 30 mags. Levelling the playing field. But running 30 is hard when going against 120s and high cap heroes. Playing an all 30 round game would be good for sure. I know the lads who run my local site would agree with me.
So, there you have – a great insight in to a modern MilSim/Skirmish players kit, I particularly found it insightful how much commonality in opinions modern gear enthusiast have to setting up their kit to optimize their ‘A’ Game …
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