Toy Soldier G3 M81 (Woodland) ‘Crye Style Pants’

Toy Soldier G3 M81 (Woodland) ‘Crye Style Pants’


As far back as 09′ whilst the world was still gripped by the camouflage that started the ‘movement’ that is CryesMulticam‘ – MARSOC set to deploy its teams of highly specialized operators to the battlefields of Afghanistan.image
Now, much like the ODA these Marines were set to deploy alongside their AfghanNationalArmy Counterparts (ANA). Whom, undoubtedly, dictated by the more green terrain brought on by that years winter, and more likely, because it was in abundance in stores were issued M81 BDU’s and subsequently related armor and jackets.

Under McChrystal’s sweeping changes to strategy, I suspect MARSOC to ‘at a glance’ blend with the ANA also adopted M81 as their primary camouflage for these operations.


I However, not just any old BDU’s would do these elite warriors and the USMC approached Crye, and requisitioned a very limited number of their newly released G3 design Pants and Shirts in the M81 pattern. These were produced in such a limited number only one set was issued per Marine. As such, whatever existing stock has recently filtered onto auction sites and forums at exorbitant prices reflecting their scarcity …

Well, of late MARSOC’s fearsome reputation and exploits have rightly grown, and with the vigorous interest compellingly grown by the advent of ‘Level ZeroHeroes‘ hitting the book shelves interest in this inimitable unit is swelling to a size almost comparable to its more renowned ‘Naval Counterparts’.


So, I wanted a slice of the pie, and despite often being willing to pay at a premium for ‘Real Steel’ kit, even I couldn’t justify buying a pair of real Crye M81 G3’s only then to subsequently destroy them through hard use in the field.

Naturally, I’ve avoided ‘replica’ clothing, if only on the basis, that at just over 6ft and sitting between 34″-35″ waist – clothing regardless of sizing was not ever really cut for the longer Western European frame …


However, here in laid the answer, and after some sound advice from ‘Maple Leaf Tactical‘ and reading and watching some great online reviews, I turned to the ever faithful Kevin at ToySoldier

Before I debrief a description and the features of the pants, I’d like to point out something important – these are not ‘replicas’ but rather a high end faithful reproduction. As I will explain, these are a faithful and high quality product comparable to the original. And based on several sources certain minor details have been improved upon to mitigate the wear and tear the original pants suffered from when in use by MARSOC.

Okay, first up these have been produced from legit 50/50 NYCOM81 ‘Woodland’ Pattern material, and thus is comparable in quality and print as seen not only on the BDU’s but the actual material used on both the AC and G3. The stretch knee panels, gusset and rear seat stretch panels appear to also be made from the same NylonTweave. More relevantly these lock off and hold correctly, particularly when the knee bends. A touch, and attention to detail that pleases me no end was that the material knee inserts with velcro attachments are supplied for when knee pads are not used. This struck me immediately as a sign of the attention to detail to come.

The pants is fastened by a heavy weight YKK zipper and velcro waist point and additionally has to rubberized neoprene tabs, which are elasticated to adjust waist size. I opted for the XL size to ensure correct length of the pant and mitigate ‘Far Eastern’ sizing and as I correctly assumed have received a pant that only required modicum of adjustment to waist size via these tabs.

All other aspects of the G3 pants are present, the front pockets are now angle upwards thus no longer spilling contents when seated. The small front thigh utility pockets remain and these house the ‘bungee’ cords and adjusters to alter the height of the pant. The larger side Pockets remain, and are bellows’d to allow ample storage. A particular favorite feature, that is situated either side of the front pockets is the addition of two small ‘secret slot’ pockets, ideal for a secondary magazine, multitool or small torch.

The lower calf pockets remain, undoubtedly, like both the AC Pants and ACU style pants I own these will remain unused.

The two rear pockets now have the flap removed and are replaced with zippers, a great enhancement that improves storage security and sufficient depth to be of good use.

To be fair I was skeptical of the enhancements made to the G3 style pant, regardless of patterning but I must confess these are comparable to the innovative design traits of my much loved Gen II AC’s and shows that whilst the changes in design are glacial, Crye still has something fresh to bring to the table.

I particularly liked the stretch panels in the gusset as this allows for comfort across the lower abdomen, and thus negates that tight restrictive cut movement often felt, while possibly not consciously noticed this will probably reduce excess heat built during wear too …

The stitching is MilSpec and is finished to a quality comparable to its ‘real world’ counterparts. ‘Crocodile’ stitch lines all the main interior seams, and stress points, thus building my confidence that these within reasonable fair use will stand up to the vigor of being ‘out in the field’

So, in conclusion, Kevin at ToySoldier has excelled himself in producing a legitimate piece of kit, providing excellent value, and comparable in quality and production to its real world counterpart. These are truly a worthy addition to the collection and can’t wait to put em’ through their paces soon.

Well, the first skirmish of the year arrived, and naturally I got to put these pants through their paces and really see how the held up.

After several years of pushing our game as far as we can more and more often our kit is put through some serious abuse.

The quality of materials and stitching really paid of here, as the did the cut and fit of the G3 style. It really adds to mobility and allows complete freedom of movement. I was particular impressed with the two flexible and adjustable waist points, as it allows you not only adjust to size but tighten to compensate for the load bearing weight of the Modular Riggers Belt (MRB) I use.

The velcro points on the knee held strong keeping the proprietary ‘Airflex‘ knee pads in place and proved to be comfortable and without heat build up.

To surmise outstanding quality, authentic material and a real game changer for players who are particularly active.

S23 (@Gearmonkey75)

**HERE IT IS – PREVIEW OF THE Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ 2018 4th Anniversary Patch**

S23 FAMILIA Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ 2018 4th Anniversary Edtn.

Qty Remaining: 59


Pre Order the classic ‘Beer Mat’ Cloth Patch – now, new, improved, and rejuvenated for 2018 we are proud to offer the limited Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ classic edition for 2018. Strictly Limited run to only 100 pieces, only a maximum of two patches per order – never to be repeated.

This is a redesigned variant of the original Mk I ‘Beer Mat’ originally produced by ToySoldier for us, which was subsequently put out as a ‘give away’ – the original patches went as far as Finland, Norway, Japan, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and of course all over the United Kingdom – S23

Available from –

S23 Golf Mike 75 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier


… in light of the overwhelming demand for patches (which have now gone) what was originally a limited crew served shirt has been made available online – printed on heavy weight Gildan shirts in charcoal gray (available S,M,L,XL worldwide here) – S23


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