Set It Off – OhShiBoom Distraction Device Spotlight

Set It Off’ – OhShiBoom 9mm and Shotgun Primer Distraction Devices

I was very late to the game with solid state ‘pyro’ – having predominantly used disposable distraction devices, flash bangs,  smoke grenades and ball grenades – all of which I was readily able to adorn with stickers to dress them like the real thing, and admittedly the spoon and pin was a nice aesthetic. However, sourcing these was becoming problematic and cost prohibitive …



Now, fellow players and team mates had started to explore ‘reusable’ solid state distraction devices, which proved to be not only highly effective but far cheaper.

I attended several events last year, and bumped into Paul from OhShiBoom who kindly gave me the run down on their new product – which has literally ‘exploded’ onto the scene …

Suffice to say I was that impressed, I’ve purchased two, and have a third at the top of the shopping list. Safe, easy to use and so effective at a recent game, we was politely asked to ‘restrict’ there use as they certainly gave us a distinct advantage over the opposition.

I could tell you about the devices specific details, how it operates – but have proffered to include the fact sheet that succinctly tells you all the technical data – you’ll get the idea …

I can say, however from an end users point of view these are a great investment, a real game changer and really give you an advantage, particular when dropping through a door way before breaching …

I deployed mine on the last outing and used successively some 20-30 times they did not fail – giving a welcome flash and very audible report.

Great fun, easily to reload, particularly in the field.

What’re you waiting for – S23

Impact Blank Firing Grenade
Single piece design (No lost spoons)
Knurled finish for extra grip when deploying
Recess for coloured tape of your choice
Uses 9mm/.38 crimped blank cartridges
Uses Shotgun Primers
WARNING: 9mm parabellum cartridges will not fit


Silver Zink Plated Case Hardened Steel for Durability
Black Anodized Aluminium for weight saving, choose from

Height: 116mm
Diameter (Max): 38mm
Diameter (Min): 23mm
Weight: 460g
1 Year Limited Warranty

Designed by Airsofters for Airsofters

Made in England

OhShiBoom Distraction Devices can be purchased here:


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