Custom Marui Gen 3 Glock (Salient Arms Tier 3)

Custom Marui Gen 3 Glock (Salient Arms Tier3)

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Pretty much a year ago today day I got offered a Gen 3 Marui ‘Hard Kick’ Glock new out of the box.
I was immediately blown away by its range, accuracy and a superbly adjustable hop and efficiency not comparable to any other high end Airsoft Pistols out there.

Now I already owned a beautifully traded Gen 4 WE custom Glock, and as such with its beautifully anodized and traded slide I was loathe to alter its appearance.

So I turned to the G3 and started to source external parts to bring it to life visually, and make it a little contemporary.

I selected Marui’s Magwell Extension and Beaver Tail. These considerably contribute to the handling of the pistol giving a far more ergonomic grip, all of which allow for easier reloading, physically allowing the magazine to be seated without tripping the mag on the external edge of the pistol grip. The Beaver Tail assists with a correct and more comfortable seating of the palm, allowing for correct positioning of the trigger finger and torquing the pistol off aim. It actively encourages the finger tip to correctly sit on the trigger, thus avoiding the strangling and snapping of the two stage trigger promoting a softer controlled squeeze.

The trigger was replaced with and SAI (Salient Arms) ‘Airsoft Surgeon’ steel trigger, which can be adjusted to vary tension and alter the ‘break’.

The only other real alteration made here was with ‘Ace 1 Arms’ FDE SAI Tier Three slide.

Now ‘Real Steel’ shooters have been extolling superlatives on the increased stability, which increases accuracy shot to shot due to the reduced surface weight. I can happily report this does extrapolate to the ‘Airsoft Variant’ give not only improved accuracy but additionally supports more efficiency with regards to use of gas.

This was pretty much a vanity project, purely for fun and my own curiosity over sourcing improved parts. It’s been absolute serendipity for me to find that this has given what was already a solid performing pistol even more bite and aggression.

This really does give more credibility as a secondary and has been used in game to engage targets in restricted space and at considerable range.



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