Full Metal Jacket – Patagonia Lvl 5 Gen II & Wild Things Hybrid Soft Shell

Full Metal Jacket – Patagonia Lvl 5 Gen II & Wild Things Hybrid Soft Shell

There are far more qualified people to appraise you of the technicalities and advanced properties and benefits of modern fabrics. Moreover, there are far more people, affluent than I who possibly possess even greater kit and in greater numbers.

However, what I’m here to talk about is the combination of these two particular jackets, combined with two others pieces of kit when required have seen me endure minus degree frosts in the Yorkshire Moors and two the icy windswept streets on inner London – as well, as the all important duration of either an extended skirmish or MilSim …


The Patagonia Lvl 5 Gen II is a highly versatile soft shell in the obligatory Alpha Green. It has two large zipped body pockets, from which to elasticated paracord bungees can be accessed to cinch the waist to size and to retain or expel warmth as required.

It’s arms are reinforced with a double panels, and again feature zipped upper arm pockets both of which are generously blocked with velcro panels.

Cuffs are cinched by elasticated velcro points.

Whilst requiring reproofing with NikWaks Soft Shell solution every so often this jacket offers a very reasonable resistant to consistent precipitation.

Now, this is derived from personal experience, and has proven effective in the most miserable and artic of conditions whilst not yet having to wheel out the more heavier jackets. 

Which if required, should be stored and carried accordingly. 

This jacket naturally can be worn alone, and I’ve often used it in conjunction with armor carriers during low light conditions as temperatures drop all walking considerable distances in poor weather on route to the AO.

However I often use this in conjunction with an issue SPEAR fleece from the ECWS suite.

Dependent on heat build up either garment can have the under arms opened via the zippers thus reducing overheating due to excessive mobility. Both garments compliment each other keeping you not only exceptionally warm but also very dry.

Wild Things Tactical Hybrid Soft Shell is pretty much the same, often being combined with an excellent USMC issue Polartec Peckham Grid Fleece in a color complimentary Coyote Brown. 

This is often carried stowed in the first instance, and often taken out to more rural fields of operations for when the weather becomes inclement.

It’s stretchy tweave material and aggressive sports cut offers not only high mobility but an unparalleled water resistance rarely seen elsewhere …



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