The Color and The Shape, an interview with Dan FooFighter

The Color and The Shape, an interview with Dan FooFighter

Celebrity or notoriety you decide, but this time around we took the opportunity to get an inside to social media Titan Dan FooFighter.
Here we separate the man from the myth and get a sneak peek on the busy working father, who’s altruism for building a better community and unity within the game was only all too apparent.
So, without delay read on, part one …
GM75: So as an introduction, how long have you been playing Airsoft, how did it all come about and what made you take the plunge into ‘Plastic Deth’ ?
DFF: Right, I’ve been playing Airsoft for just coming up for around three years now, so not as long as alot of the other guys I know. Some are like ten year plus veterans. I was introduced to it when by chance my best friend rocked into work one Monday morning and said, “bro i think I’ve just found something your gonna love.” He wouldn’t  say anymore until that lunch break we jumped on the train to Camden, where he took me into Wolf Armouries, from the minute I walked into the shop I knew my bank account was gonna get hammered. We bought a couple of g36’s and that weekend headed down to Bunker 51, where I had my first experience of Airsoft.
I didnt know what the hell was going on, I was just running around in the dark getting shot to pieces by everyone, smashed my leg, had welts all over me and came out with a massive grin. The following day I was online buying up desert DPM & that weekend we were back down Wolf buying pistols, and anything else we could afford and that hasnt changed since, I’m pretty sure that every ‘Gear Whore’ can tell this same story.
Like I said it was simply by chance that RC-01 stumbled across airsoft and I’m just gutted it wasn’t 10 years earlier, I’ve got a military based family, my grandad fought in WW2 and my dad was Royal Navy so i have always been into the military and after having survived a serious motorcycle accident that nearly left me unable to walk and on crutches for almost three years, learning how to walk again and with knees like Robocop, any chance of joining up went right out the window. So during Airsoft days you’ll usually find me with my knees strapped up popping painkillers like a boss. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Its an awesome way to still be able to enjoy military style tactics and kit but also remind me of how lucky I am to be able to even walk.
GM75:  So, I was rather surprised to hear you’ve only recently arrived on the seen, considering your humble beginnings with the G36 at Bunker 51, you’ve become a rather popular face within the community, undoubtedly due to your exceptionally friendly approachable online presence, conversely in its current configuration you’ve also developed quite an iconic high speed low drag appearance on the field, what’s your take on all of this ?
DFF:  The whole thing is kind of a whirlwind to be honest, even being asked to do this interview in the first place is weird as hell. (laughs)
The whole Instagram thing has blown my mind, I’ve been sent patches, t-shirts and even drawings of myself, which is crazy and truly humbling. I do try to answer all the questions that I can, 
I have made some awesome friends worldwide via the Instagram /Facebook Airsoft community and I’ve learnt so much from these genuinely selfless honest guys, some actually still in the forces, some who are vets and all who realize that it is a honourable sport, that teaches you tactics, teamwork, and is tons of fun young or old, but ultimately nothing more than big boy’s running around with toy guns having a great time. The second you associate it with anything else other than that and start thinking its real and that you actually are in SEAL Team Six its  probably a good time to quit. I think false valour is one of the worst things you could ever do. 
I try to post pictures that are actually cool and interesting rather than a barrage of photos of my dinner ect and even though my Airsoft load outs may not be the most expensive or Gucci out there. I mean I’ve seen guys with real steel ptt radios & headsets that cost the same amount of money as ten of my loadouts its how you put stuff together, as the saying goes you can’t buy style, I think as long as your having fun it makes no difference if you are wearing jeans and baseball cap or fully kitted out, its all down to personal preference. As I’ve got more into it I’ve been gradually replacing my repro kit with the more high end brands, Crye Precision ect, this isn’t because I think it makes me any better than others. its just that if you are seriously into any kind of sports or hobby a quality product is usually much more hard-wearing and built for purpose rather than a cheap copy thats made just to look similar & in the end you’re gonna end up spending more money replacing it so buy what you can afford at the time.


GM75: So perhaps your ‘everyman’ approach has captured the hearts of enthusiasts globally, do think perhaps people should take a step back and just embrace the fun and exhilarating side of the game ?
DFF: (laughs) maybe I guess, I really have no idea but like I said I do try to assist anyone who asks me questions, by answering them or by pointing them in the right direction, as there are far more knowledgeable guys in the sport out there than me, yourself included. With the array of gear available its good to know that you can ask someone for help without being made to feel like a dick. Follower numbers on the social networks in the scheme of things mean nothing if you think you are to badass to reply or help people. I would rather have fifty followers who were actually interested in my content over thousands just making up numbers & to quote one of the awesome @radrockin ‘s favorite hashtags #growthesport 
In the short time I’ve been in this I can honestly say that I have made some amazing friends world wide who I am honored to be able to call brother’s. 
I don’t think people need to take a step back and enjoy the fun factor of the sport but I certainly think that they should keep in the gaming styles best suited to them or their team. i.e if hardcore milsim is your thing then stick to the events organised that will have other like minded, experienced guys there, after all turning up at a regular weekend skirmish sites and kicking off because the other team aren’t taking their hits because you and your pals are SEAL Team Six will result in headaches all round. Horses for courses and all that jazz.
 I do play Mil-Sims but I enjoy the actual action sections of it over the other stuff which is why I’ve lately been getting into the new Battle-Sim events.
Part two coming soon …
In the meantime check out Reaper Crew Airsoft here
Dan FooFighters phots here
Dan and Reaper Crew are proudly sponsored by BritKitUSA
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… in light of the overwhelming demand for patches (which have now gone) what was originally a limited crew served shirt has been made available online – printed on heavy weight Gildan shirts in charcoal gray (available S,M,L,XL worldwide here) – S23

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  1. Been into airsoft for about a year now met danfoo a few times great guy and the reapers rock love playing alongside them at the milsims iv learnt a lot from Dan and the reapers thanks guys see you all at op barracuda

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