Strength Beyond Strength – an interview with Dutch from Task Force Green

Strength Beyond Strength – an interview with Dutch from Task Force Green 
I was fortuitous enough to get the opportunity a few months back to interview Seraph from TF Green, this proved immensely popular with you all, and as it happened I’d briefly swapped comments with one of his team mates ‘Dutch‘ …

It was too good an opportunity to miss out on a second bite of the cherry and see what else these guys have been up too …

, took the time out to discuss his Load Out, The MilSim community, future kit acquisitions and the obligatory ’30 Rnds’ parting shot, read on …

: So, first up, let’s talk about how you jumped into ‘Plastic Deth‘ what was the entry point for you and how long have you been involved in the Airsoft/MilSim community …

: My entry point was back in 2012. I was looking for a theme for a sales competition. I had just seen the movie SEAL Team Six and figured I could do ‘Sales Team Six’ as an idea. I needed some requisites for the competition, started to do research and stumbled upon Airsoft. I had never heard of it before. I am born and raised in Holland and this was a non-existent hobby there. It only legalised in 2013 in the Netherlands. I soon discovered that this was an interesting hobby and started playing. It was especially the gear part that interested me but the excitement of the game together with the activity and social element I discovered was a great combination.

: So, having been bitten by the gear bug from the outset, tell us about your current load out and where it draws inspiration from?

Do you find form takes over from function, or that investment in real steel kit does have its place and is a worthwhile long term investment?

: My current load out draws inspiration from pics, information, books and film clips of SOF Units. I would never allow form to take over from function. By sacrificing function, you give up usability in order to achieve a better look. If it doesn’t function, then the hell with form. Gear is an enabler for us, just as for real operators; it’s not a beauty competition (laughs). We want to achieve the highest level of authenticity with our load outs for ourselves and for the people that we meet and that means we try and use real steel kit as much as we can.

: Having spoken with Seraph last time around, you strive hard on achieving realism, you seem a tight knit group of friends, who train hard and really strive towards a greater ‘suspension of disbelief’ – could this be embraced beyond The MilSim world by the wider Airsoft community?

: We do strive hard to achieve realism in all ways, maybe not to suspend disbelief because we do not try to trick anyone into believing we are anything else but dedicated a military simulation team using Airsoft weapons to increase the realism of our kit and Airsoft games to test our skills and abilities. We are very aware of the stolen valour discussions that happen now and then and are therefore careful not to claim any military affiliation. Could higher realism, good companionship and better training be achieved by the wider Airsoft community? Yes, by anybody who wishes to achieve this but does not want to go into MilSim. It’s a matter of mind-set, dedication and discipline in my opinion.

: I’ve noticed amongst the team, your load out appears slightly more streamlined and low profile, is this a conscious decision that reflects your role in the team?

: I go more and more towards a kit that is as minimalistic, lightweight and low profile but still complete in order to be able to get the highest performance when things are heating up or when missions are requiring a long time in the field. So yes, it is a conscious decision but is not very much reflected by my role.

CPC and kit list:


… load out …

Crye Precision CPC

Crye Precision CPC stretch mag pouches

Crye Precision Zip-on panel

TYR Tactical Communications pouch – Drop-Down/Tilt-Out MBTR Radio (PRC-152)

TYR Tactical Double glock mag pouches

TYR Tactical large General Purpose pouch

TYR tactical Single Grenade pouch

ATS Flashbang Pouch (2x)

Source 2L Hydration with tube cover

Tactical Tailor Tourniquet pouch

Red tip Combat Application Tourniquette

Original SOE GPS pouch + extra batteries

Crye Precision MBITR inserts

(Communication pouches are alternated between the following TYR Tactical Communications pouch – Drop-Down/Tilt-Out MBITR Radio (PRC-152) or the Crye Preciion MBITR inserts)

: You attend some pretty amazing events, large in scale and covering a wide topography over considerable periods of time, how do you prepare for these and what vital advice would you give to make and new players venturing into the MilSim world?

: A real operator is constantly maintaining a fitness level of a professional athlete. This is how he prepares for his missions. I prepare by maintaining a very high level of fitness by doing a high intensity cross-fit class on Mondays and Wednesdays, weight training on Tuesdays and Fridays and endurance training on Thursdays and the occasional Saturday. Vital advice for new MilSim players? Let MilSim be your motivation to get and stay in shape and MilSim suddenly is adding quality to the rest of your life as well.

: So I understand the need for privacy, all of your amazing photography is PERSEC’d to protect your private lives, Seraph gave an articulate explanation to this, however, it’s often the subject of criticism, what’s your thoughts on this – should the community respect the need to protect your privacy?

: The community is made up of individuals and any individual is entitled to his or her opinion about us using PERSEC on our photography, and yes it happens that we receive criticism for this matter. Should people respect our need to protect our privacy? Yes, we ask them to do so, because, to quote Seraph: “…some of us hold positions in businesses which don’t work too well with the somewhat questionable ethics of enacting present day warfighter’s…”

: Kit wise what’s recently arrived in your hands that’s really blown you away or changed your approach to the game – or has there been something that’s really disappointed you. A few years back I personally started using Salomon’s 4D GTX Boots, I’ve yet to find anything comparable …

: I am waiting on delivery of a recent purchase from Ronin Tactics. I ordered a bunch of new gear from these guys:

Ronin Assaulter Lite plate carrier

Ronin Stretch cummerbund

Ronin X-harness straps

TF Ronin senshi belt

Ronin medical pullaway kit

Ronin Universal Pistol Mag Pouches

Ronin Universal Rifle Mag Pouch

(Ronin Tactics and store can be found here

As you know, we are all about camouflaging everything and for this reason Seraph asked if the Ronin guys could make a Senshi belt for us in multicam and they were willing to produce this belt in a limited TF edition in multicam!

The design of this new Ronin gear is so extremely well thought through that I can’t wait to test it. In due time, I’ll post pics and tell you what I think.

: We’ve all had that one amazing game, or even a particular moment within a game that really stands out as a ‘moment’ – any ‘war stories’ you care to share that standout for you?

 DG: there are many moments that are worth remembering but maybe a good one to describe here is one I can illustrate with a video. I still remember clearly our feelings of readiness and impatience during our concealment in the mosquito infected forest from 0300 to 0400 hours to wait for our target vehicle to appear and the moment we rushed into action to snatch and grab the non-expecting HVT out of his car and driving him back to base in his own trunk, we were pumped. The same morning, this was followed by a full-scale attack of the village and I can still feel the excitement, thrill and nervousness when being the first ones going into the village, for the whole story and maybe a small impression of how we felt, check the video on:

: Where do you see the community going, what’s your thoughts on its future as it really has grown particularly over recent years?

: A good question and I’m honestly am unsure. Most likely there will be more commercialisation of the hobby, which can be both good and bad, depending on the development.

: Right, before we wrap up, really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses?

: Personally, I am also a fan of 30 rounds per mag. I know people use 120 mag rounds, shoot full auto and say, airsoft bullets do not have the same impact and therefore we need this. We never use full auto, always try to double tap and see each reload as an opportunity to practice, so especially in training sessions I prefer 30 rounds.

: Thanks for the questions, stay safe.


Find more ‘Dutch Green‘ and Task Force Green here …

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    1. Good question, but I’d imagine being based in the Netherlands would be a good start. I think, what we be even better, and a really incredible achievement is start your own team to match or beat the standard set here. I’m sure, undoubtedly we’d come looking for an interview too – S23


  1. Sadly my experiences are to the contrary. Prior to reading this article I approached them public and private. And although the messages were read, a response was left wanting.


  2. Ah, I figured it was something along those lines.

    I’d be most interested to discover where they compete. Looks like an excellent place for ex mil to rid their itchy feet.

    Thanks Gearmonkey.


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