The Inner Circle, an interview with Kable R01 from Red Team

The Inner Circle, an interview with Kable R01 from Red Team

Okay Team, We’ve been away from the keyboard far too long, and naturally aside from a slew of small updates and a load of photographs we’ve not done one of these for some time … As is the way normally, in a more positive fashion across social media and the internet you occasionally bump into a kindred soul. Separated in the case by thousands of miles of ocean, but nonetheless on the same page as you with a passion for what we, as a community, have built. It’s with great pleasure I’d like to introduce you to Kable RT01 from the sunny climes of Florida. Kable hails from a prior service with the US Military and is currently a serving LE (Law Enforcement) Officer.

This, naturally is intriguing, as its long been purported in some circles those who have served or police our nations have either a negative view of, or have had a poor experience with the MilSim/Plastic Deth (Airsoft Community). Kable goes one better, he’s actively involved in the MilSim community Stateside and as I type is preparing for the upcoming MilSim ‘Faded Giant’. So before I ramble on any further lets get to know the man, his thoughts on MilSim and what preparation the ‘real steel’ guys put in before attending a MilSim.

 GM75: Thanks for coming on board and taking the time out to do this, what can you tell us about your prior/ current service ?

: first and foremost thank you GM75 for considering me for this awesome opportunity to be interviewed. I am extremely gratefull and humbled by this and I am still in shock/disbelief this is happening to me (laughs)

Well, I joined the US Army several months after graduating high school (majority of my family are prior service and I felt a duty to serve as my family members have in the past) and was stationed out of Ft.Bragg, N.C. with the 82nd Airborne. I did some time in a regular infantry line company before having the opportunity to tryout and get selected for the Scout/Recon Unit.

After serving in the military I worked at a gym for a couple of months when I got the news that my then girlfriend now wife (aka Sgt. Major as I refer to her with my friends..laughs) was pregnant. I then had a grown up moment “I need a career now” (laughs) at which time a friend suggested a career in Law Enforcement. After serving my country I figured being able to serve my community would be the logical transition and I was already debating on reenlisting and returning to active, so I gave myself a 6 month deadline.

“if I’m hired by a law enforcement agency by then, then its meant to be” was my way of thinking.

And what do you know, I flew through the process and was hired with an academy date within 6 weeks! And 16 years later I’m still here serving and protecting …(laughs).

As for my Law Enforcement assignments, I have been assigned to several units…patrol officer,field training officer (fto), crime suppression team and currently I am on special assignment and also serve on the Tactical/SWAT team.

: How did you discover Plastic Deth (Airsoft/MilSim) – did you have any prior opinions or preconceived perceptions before getting involved ?

: About 2 years ago my son told me about Airsoft and I must admit, I was that guy that responded “that’s for younger kids”…and then a friend of mine who was a barber by trade and would cut my hair at times told me that he does Airsoft/MilSim and then he went into full detail about what MilSim meant and how I would be a good fit. He then went on telling me how there are teams out there that train in a military type fashion doing tactics and such, naturally I was intrigued by this and went to check it out.

He invited me to an indoor facility known as Miami Airsoft (a facility in which we still train occasionally at) and low and behold I see people, grown adults, stacking up on the wall, breaching and clearing rooms… so naturally I was hooked from that day foreword.

: Do you think your background and training has any translatable currency with regards to playing the game, and moreover as a training tool does it have any value back in the real world.

KR01: I would like to think that my military and SWAT background help me and the team perform better (I am the TL and Lead Cadre on the team). I take a lot of pride in training the team and preparing them for upcoming MilSim op’s/missions.
And it definitely does add value to my day job! Simunition rounds cost a lot of money and Airsoft is a cost effective way to train and work on ones tactics and fundamentals…muscle memory, muscle memory, muscle memory. I am all about getting in as many repetitions as I can.

I feel my coworkers depend on me to stay sharp and I will do my best to never let them down.. thats why I train!

The training aspect was one of the reasons why I got into the sport, I recognized the value instantly and the team comraderie was the icing on the cake. To me it’s almost like being back in the Army….these guys (teammates) are my brothers!

Don’t get me wrong, I still do real steel training, that’s a must… but remember paper targets don’t shoot back and the only way you learn is from your mistakes and I’d rather get hit with a BB/pellet because I over exposed myself, make the correction and learn from it, instead of then having an ego and say “Airsoft is for kids” and make that mistake and over expose myself and not make it home.

Remember our goal as Officers, everyone goes home at the end of our shift!!!

Furthermore from tactical and monetary aspect, MilSim is a great solution for cost effective training.

: Now, I’ve only seen a few photographs of your gear, but it screams experience and knowledge – what can you tell us how you’ve set up your rig – do see any common mistakes that the uninitiated make when assembling their ‘Load Outs’ ?


 KR01: thank you for the compliment on the gear brother…

I have a few setups actually (laughs), I believe in having options …

every event and every mission is different and I am a firmly believe in “if you fail to plan, plan on failing” so for that reason I have a few plate carriers.

For my heavy loadout I run my LBX 0094 with AWS yote on the back and for my streamlined light loadout I run my Ferro Concepts FCPC with the Warrior Assault Systems Assaulter Back Panel (I love this piece of kit!) which was provided to me by

I also have an AOR1 Flyye JPC setup that I sometimes run during local skirmish or trainings and a khaki Hero 1961g chest rig.

Our teams primary uniform color is multicam, so at national events its either the LBX 0094 or the Ferro Concepts FCPC (both are Multicam).
As for setup, I’m a big believer in the K.I.S.S method (keep it simple stupid). When asked , I always emphasize ….is it comfortable for you, are you efficient and quick with your setup. And most importantly “DOES IT WORK FOR YOU!” everyone has different needs and is made different (physically), therefore what’s comfortable and works for me, may not be comfortable and work for you. And always be open to constructive criticism and change. One must not claim to know it all or think their way is the only perfect way … through trial and error you will find what works best for you.


GM75: So, you’ve got ‘Faded Giant’ on the horizon, it’s a series that globally recognized. What preparations have you been making kit wise and training wise ?


 KR01: yeah the team and I are extremely excited about American Milsim’s Faded Giant but as for gear preparations the only thing new would be my Warrior Assault Systems Assaulter Back Panel with Tactical Tailor banger pouches added to it (for room clearing).

Reference training, nothing has changed much. I’m a big believer in mastering the basic’s. whether its S.U.T. (small unit tactics) or CQB I always stress to the team if we can execute the basics every time we are one step ahead of the game.


 GM75: So let’s talk ‘Blasters’ what are you using as a primary and secondary for ‘Faded Giant‘ – have you set these up specifically for the AO ?


KR01: well for my primary I run a G&G CM18 with upgraded internals. It’s setup to shoot 400 fps(which is the limit with .20 bb’s). it’s equipped with a G&P Peq 2 (light and laser combo unit), Repro Eotech with QD magnifier and vertical foregrip.

And for my secondary I run a WE G17 with 3 additional mags on my Ronin Tactics Task Force Senshi belt (4 total pistol mags). I use a custom kydex holster made by Custom Works (they make custom kydex holsters to the owners prefence and needs).

I use the G17 because it is almost a 1:1 on what I use for everyday duty…remember what I believe in … muscle memory, muscle memory, repetition, repetition!

GM75: Now, naturally you spend a lot of time training and qualifying skill sets in the real world, I’m aware you and your team do this for Airsoft too – have you visibly seen a distinct edge over the ‘competition’ through this, do you think more should take the time out to polish their skill sets ?


KR01: yes I feel and notice at times a slight edge when we compete against other teams and individuals. More so it helps with the confidence factor, knowing that we trained for certain situation … be it reacting to contact, breaking contact or even when we do entries. I would like to think that every team member is confident in his teammate’s abilities and trusts him to cover his area/sector of responsibility and more importantly “do his job”.

I think if your going to or plan on competing in Airsoft/MilSim, than yes you should train, you should ask questions,you should do research, you should try to be the best you can possibly be….physically and tactically!

It’s like I tell my son “Good is not Great” strive to be the best you can be. I say the same thing to the team and that’s why I push them past their comfort zone every single time we train. Lastly the more other people train, the better the competition will be at the event… wouldn’t you agree?


  GM75: I know a lot of our readers get a kick out knowing what essentials the real deal guys use, can you tell us about a few essentials you can’t leave home without that make a MilSim a little more bearable or perhaps you wish you had back when you was out ‘in the field for real’ aside from ‘dip’ (laughs) …

:well the first thing that comes to mind is a solid pair of shoes…lol…back in my active duty days, we had to wear boots…all leather black (issued) boots or you went out and purchased yourself some jungle boots (naturally I jumped on them the first chance I had to buy me a set of OD Jungle boots….believe it or not which I still have…lol…the have some miles and memories logged in).

Nowadays I wear hiking boots I prefer Salomon, Keen or Merrells . I even use them when operating in a SWAT capacity or just getting in some range time.

And also a good battle belt, I prefer and use a Ronin Tactics Task Force Senshi belt. It allows me to have options (add pouches or take away pouches depending on the mission).

The Ronin Tactics Senshi belt allows me to be more streamlined and still add what I want to it due to it’s built on molle paneling. And like my boots I mentioned earlier, I use it for work and real steel training.

With gear ever evolving there are so many different types of plate carriers and chest rigs that I wish I had back in the day that I can go on and on what I wish I had back then or prefer to currently use. Like I said earlier in the interview, I’m a big believer in having options so if I can give a bit of advice it would be to gradually build your loadout(s) up, take your time and spend the money on GOOD QUALITY gear, remember that old saying…”you get what you pay for” so spend the money on the right gear the first time.

And let’s not forget the DIP!!!! ….laughs.

GM75: Last but not least, this is a trademark question, real steel ammo counts – something I’m a fan of but has really struggled to take off due to Airsoft’s limited range and accuracy – is there a place for this or do you think it’s not feasible ?

KR01: I’m a true believer that Airsoft/MilSim is a great training tool, especially in Law Enforcement.

Yes Airsoft does not have the range of real steel but statistics prove majority of our engagements or encounters are close quarters which is well within the range of Airsoft guns on the market today. Also mostly every real steel make and model in a rifle or handgun can be purchased allowing us to train more often and on our own skill set while further enhancing our muscle memory by increased repetition ….wow, I just went instructor in this interview… (laughs)


Find Red Team and KR01 here –

* bonus question GM75: What can you tell us about the ‘Faded Giant‘ series, what’re you expecting on this one ?

KR01: American Milsim is a company that puts on Milsim events…great ones as a matter of fact.

They hold several events a year Faded Giant being one of their bigger ones.

The events are normally 2 days long, day 1 normally going 8 hours non-stop and day 2 approximately 4 hours

A lot of players travel from all parts of the globe and compete there. The other cool thing is they keep the theme going throughout the year between the two factions Cost (green side) and UFS (tan side). Red Team runs with UFS (UFS members call ourselves cost killers and hash tag that a lot on AMS forums and pictures…lol).

It’s a bragging rights thing, People/players typically stay loyal to their factions and will continuously only sign up for them and if the slots are sold out…will not play for the other faction/side…lol.

As for what do I expect…an awesome time, plenty of action.


I had a blast at this years faded giant…I was tasked as PL for Bravo company 2nd platoon which consisted of South Florida players from GSR (group of strategic response) and HRO (high risk operators).

I run with these two teams as well as conduct joint trainings with them so it made leading these hard hitters an easy transition… training with them also increased the trust factor which we both know is key… especially when asking them to trust in every tactical decision/order you give.

The AO was an industrial complex that consisted of a pipe yard and several buildings and structures. All with challenging floor plans (hence the need for training)

Red Teams next event will be American Milsim’s OP Ironhorse which will be held at the Guardian Center in Georgia this February.

Thank you again for your time and this opportunity GM75!

several photographs and images are used here, with the kind permission of Studio X7’s very talented Christian.


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