The Few, The Proud …

The Few, The Proud – S23 Patch Competition Entrants

I recently announced the sponsorship of the blog by Toy Soldier, and to celebrate that Kevin and the guys over in Hong Kong very kindly collaborated with us to produce a limited run of 100 patches. ( go check em’ out

Naturally the pages infamous logo. Over 2/3rds of these were won on dual competitions run across both our Facebook page and Instgram … 

Subsequently, with only a handful left I decided we’d run another fun little competition to showcase all of you who have steadfastly supported the page. We’ve received some amazing messages and attracted attention from all over the Globe, including not only the United Kingdom, but The United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Germany, France, Finland – too many to name but I’ve been blown away just how far our interviews have reached …

The page, blog and our message has been steadfastly supported by many other pages, teams, sites and game organizers. If I forget anyone I apologize but I’d like to thank Maple Leaf Tactical, TF Neptune, Dan FooFighter & Reaper Crew, Lambchop, Airsoft International, Combat Airsoft Group, Gray Fox, Team Diablo, Seraph & TF Green, Andy & all at UCAP (Combat South too). 
We’ve got a new interview inbound very soon, with a further two lined up before January’s out … 

But in the meantime here’s the competition winners and all the other fantastic entries …

Jamie B won 1st place

… hotly followed Tee from Belgium …


Dave H came third …
And here’s the rest …

… Jacob M 
… Neil E   

Andy A …

… Simon B


James N

Sean W 

Ricky P & the TF Neptune Boys below …


James W with a superb VN Load Out …  

… personal favorite from Lewis T  

Dan F – lighting up the Op For …

Rodney J ‘The Machine’ …


… Team MLD at The Sandpit …  

X-Sites very own Liam L …


Stateside brother ‘Kevgru’ …  

… Simon H …


Mikey A …


… Darryl W

… Simon W  

… Ferry A


Bill P


… TF Orion

Tim M

Rob P


Aaren L


TF Neptune …


Chris H


Kieran T

Robbo P   

Luc H  

Tony P


Flez Airsoft

Joshua D    

… and of course D.O.E. – Adam, Dave and Andy C at STANTA …

David M


Alex B



Kieran S 

Mick H    

James M

Will J at The Ai500

  Josh H 

John M

Sam B  

James S


Andrew W

 S23 Golf Mike 75 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier



… in light of the overwhelming demand for patches (which have now gone) what was originally a limited crew served shirt has been made available online – printed on heavy weight Gildan shirts in charcoal gray (available S,M,L,XL worldwide here) – S23




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