Coming Soon …

Coming Soon – Our 1st Year Anniversary Interview 

… in less than a months time, the blog celebrates its first anniversary on the 15th February … 
Over the last year we’ve interviewed players, teams, sites and organizers including TF Green, OPFOR, The Cage, Team Diablo, UCAP Airsoft, Combat Airsoft Group, Gray Fox, Dan FooFighter, Airborne-airsoft, Task Force Voodoo, Red Team and many more besides, but to celebrate we go back to the beginning to interview Gun Ho’s GH05 & GH07 …
… see you here on the 15th at s23gearmonkey75 | Airsoft and MilSim reviews and interviews

S23 is Proudly Sponsored by ToySoldier


… in light of the overwhelming demand for patches (which have now gone) what was a limited crew served shirt has been made available online (NOW SOLD OUT!!!) – three new designs printed on heavy weight Gildan shirts in charcoal gray (available S,M,L,XL worldwide here) – S23


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