… Coming Soon … ‘First Blood’an Anniversary Edition   Interview with Gun Ho’s GH05 and GHO7 …

… Coming Soon … First Blood an Interview with Gun Ho’s GH05 and GHO7 …


So it’s the 1st anniversary of the blog, over the last year we’ve interviewed a slew of teams, players, site owners and organizers and more. This has included GunHo, Cobalt, Team Diablo, Dan FooFighter, OpFor, Bravo 46, Red Team from Florida, Direwolves from Canada, Task Force Green, The Cage, Gray Fox, UCAP Airsoft, Combat Airsoft Group, Task Force Voodoo, Airborne Airsoft, ToySoldier from Hong Kong …
But, without you the readers, it would be a hollow task, so it’s to you, we say happy anniversary, as you’ve all been instrumental in helping grow our library of interviews and reports, propelling our mission to grow positivity within the industry, the game and both Airsoft and MilSim communities …
We thought it would be only appropriate to go back to the very beginning and catch up with our very first interviewees Moolegh and ShouldbeMiller GH05 & GH07 respectively from GunHo …

… dropping on the 15th February 2016 …


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