A Letter From The Heart …

A Letter From The Heart …

This is a short little piece on the state of play in our community and industry.
Several things have occurred in recent months and events as such are starting see the mobilization both within the community and industry, sadly not always for the better, the greater good of you, all the players …


This ultimately comes down to a very, very simple epithet. 
Personal responsibility and have the right ‘state of mind’.
It’s an attitude, and ethos, and having the right one, helps grow our community and allows the industry to develop and flourish ultimately providing us with new products, sites, events and can only further our credibility as a pastime and hobby.


Still with me, before I continue, you may disagree, but by definition and no means exclusively part of what I wish to cover is to break down ‘Plastic Deth’ by genre …


Airsoft: a game of tactics using AEG’s, GBB’s and Springers to effectively, using the principles of skirmishing defeat the opposition. This is no bad thing, it’s where I started and I still heavily, heavily play at many ‘Airsoft’ sites, enjoy myself and the company of the players. Be it the hooded topped, two tone AEG carrying kid, the WWII re enactors or fully replete load out utilizing the very latest real steel military kit. But, it’s still just a great way to ruin a Sunday having fun playing ‘Cowboys and Indians …
BattleSim: To underwrite as a longer Airsoft event, or describe it as a gateway or middle ground between Airsoft and MilSim would be to under sell it and not give, it’s own fair day in court. It’s in own right a style of event, often longer in duration whereupon using scenario based objectives and or missions we here can emulate the more thrilling and action led elements of those real steel ‘operators’ we seek to emulate, look up to and inspire us … 
Basically, a longer, even better way to ruin a weekend in the pursuit of playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’ … 
MilSim: The ultimate pursuit of ruining a weekend, the highest plateau of ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Here, players engage in the full pursuit of simulating a military operation or training exercise, utilizing skills either learned, acquired from former occupation or interests. Yes you will be involved in ‘skirmishing’ using Airsoft equipments, but you’ll be eating, sleeping, and utilizing equipment, resources, and requires a level of commitment and endurance neither needed or perhaps given opportunity to use at either BattleSim or Airsoft …
Aside from many other variations of Airsoft, re enactment themed games covering everything WWII to Vietnam era … we, all in one shape or form play Airsoft, Plastic Deth to facilitate our preferred variation of ‘Cowboys and Indians’. 

 Now, where am I going with this, from the new player right up to ten year plus veteran, the skirmisher to the MilSim purist we have a responsibility to each other. That’s community, to stick together and afford each other a modicum of mutual respect and admiration that’s earned through honest play, conduct and integrity.
To quote something I read only last night.

‘ … ethos needs to be maintained and we must guard against those things that threaten it. We must beware of arrogance, of contempt for others, of belief that we are special simply because of what we are. We are special because of what we do and the way that we do it, not what we are – that is our ethos and we must guard it fiercely … ‘
This means in simple terms that we all should lead by example, be a little more accepting towards difference and kind. Challenging openly unacceptable behavior and practices that threaten the wider community.


It’s here we need to ensure individually we promote and demonstrate ourselves as exactly what we are, a hobby, a pastime that is all about fun, enjoyment, team work and camaraderie. I’m all for the ‘suspension of disbelief’ and the more realistic the better. I love high end blasters, and gear no end. We are not operators, we are not the military we are not participating in weeks and months and years of training to serve in some far flung sand pit …
This is by no means a reflection on those who currently serve, have served including my own profession and who also play Airsoft. 

This is something to be enjoyed, pursued with enthusiasm and ultimately cherished, nurtured and it will grow and flourish …
However, current trends to segregate, isolate and pour cold water on others and their interpretation of the game will only further spread discontent and ultimately damage the community and industry alike, and in the worst case scenario damage our pastime beyond repair …
It’s yours, look after it or lose it forever …

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