By Demons be Driven -Combat Airsoft Groups Op Eagle Fury after action report, an interview with Gray Fox’s F23 

By Demons be Driven -Combat Airsoft Groups Op Eagle Fury after action report, an interview with Gray Fox’s F23

It was with a heavy heart with impending work and home commitments that I knew early doors I would be unable to attend the sequel to Combat Airsoft Groups Op Snakebite, the highly anticipated Eagle Fury
This compounded my frustration as I was given access to planning, advice on acquisition of certain kit (comm’s – phew, I’m glad they worked) and was privy well in advance to Op Orders and events as they would unfold …
I was positively salivating in anticipation, knowing that many good friends, and reputable teams from across the UK and Europe would be present. Already less than 24hrs some absolutely astounding footage and photos, all supported by glowing reviews and praise from those in attendance is already surfacing …
Well, onto business, I’ve made no secret that I’ve been keen to get Alex from CAG back in the chair, but then it struck me, let’s get one of the ‘boots’ on the ground to give his account of what it was like to participate in Eagle Fury

Here, we’ve got Dan, F23 from Gray Fox to give an insiders perspective straight from the front lines …


F23 – GFDQ

GM75: Thanks for taking time out to talk with us, sure hope you’ve had time get your admin done and get all your kit and blasters squared away ?
F23: No problem bro the pleasure is all mine !! As for kit that’s still down stairs in the car as I couldn’t face dragging it up the 4 flights of stairs after the weekend I’ve just had. (Laughs)

GM75: Already, some fantastic footage and photos have surfaced, some of which you’ve exclusively shown me, which we’ll talk more of later – but it really looked immersive, engaging and a real adrenaline charged affair. Bearing in mind your preconceived perception beforehand, what was it like in reality ?


F23: One word “awesome”, from arriving at the 18:00 Hrs RV the professionalism of these guys was evident . We were lured into a false sense of security, however, game on at 00:01 but first brief at 02:00, time for some admin, or so we thought !!! 20 mins later we were proverbially fighting for our lives as the FOB was put under a barrage of IDF and RPG Fire. The sight of explosions, RPGs streaking towards you and IR lasers all seen through NV was a sight to behold . From that moment I knew I was in for a immersive, relentless and testing weekend.

GM75: Immersive, with considerable substance – do you perhaps consider CAG have developed, or progressing towards something that completely transcends ‘Plastic Deth‘ and even MilSim, the use of Airsoft perhaps being only a facilitation to bring a whole new experience ?

F23: 100%, Smudge is truly bringing something different to the Airsoft scene, I have long thought that the “MilSim”  has been diluted from what it once was, companies are running events at MOD facilities , packing it with players and putting you on stag isn’t just isn’t MilSim I’m afraid . What CAG is doing I would describe as an “Airsoft Military Exercise” (AME)


Nicky M – OpFor

GM75: CAG provide extensive briefing packs, op orders and pre event briefings, fully outlining expectations and requirement to maximize the attendees experience.


Cobalt’s C12’s Blaster …

Now I know you’ve prior experience of this back in the real world, but did this really set the tone for what was to unfold ?


Diablo ‘s ready …

F23: Pre deployment packs is something I have seen before by organisers but it has never been followed through with the same detail at the event, the whole way through , Smudge put a lot of trust in us TL’s in the planning and execution of our tasking a once he had given us a very detailed mission outline . But it was up to us to make it work with all the assets on the ground although the DS were there to guide us if needed .

Raptor Tactical 05:00 Hrs …


GM75: So, it was full of surprises, intense action, firefights and to perhaps elaborate ‘explosive keystones’ which propelled the scenario along all the whilst testing and putting attendees right in the middle of it, I’m sure it ‘suspended disbelief’ ?


F23: The jaw on the floor moments started as soon as it kicked off with a simulated casualty having his leg pretty much blown off by the mortar strike ,blood everywhere!! Tac Med Solutions really brought a whole new unseen dimension to this game with their CAS SIM. And it continued like that for the rest of the weekend with RPG’s , Massive IEDs , suicide bombers with working vests, stopping us from ever letting our guards down.

GM75: Just to give you free reign to elaborate, any particular moments, which really illustrate the event or tales of ‘derring do’ which best exemplify the magnitude of it all ?

F23:  I was leading Gray Fox and Zulu Six C/S Rage 20, we were tasked to hit a compound where a main HVT was believed to be, on route we were joined by a local and a TF interpreter who knew of a “safer” route to the target compound . Basically the local initiated an IED, he and the terp sustained massive life threatening injuries, somthing I have never seen before in Airsoft, guts and bones were hanging out, blood was spraying and leaking everywhere and private parts had been blown off . Pair this with the acting of the injured and I really started to care about the treatment my medic and I were giving . Whist extracting these wounded we were constantly harassed buy small arms RPG’s , Mortars , and secondary IEDs . Once that was dealt with we had to pick ourselves up and crack on with the HVT tasking .

RC01 on overwatch …


GM75: Now, any event of this scale and size, and naturally location require you to be fully independent and fully operable in the field. What would recommend as shortlist of critical kit, supplies and essentials that not only keep you in the fight but comfortable doing so ?


… squared away …

F23: Warm kit and Wet weather kit hands down . All of the lads have invested in Level 7 jackets and there is nothing better than getting back from an Op getting your wet kit off and throwing on a toasty warm coat, in addition to that I have a Carinthia MIG jacket that is now my go to night ops and cold jacket. One big lesson I learnt was although we are at a weekender and in a simulated warzone, you don’t have to live on rat packs all weekend .

After waking up from my first hours sleep of the weekend one of the lads put a bowl of hot home cooked spaghetti bolognese, that had me on a high for hours.

GM75: I know you, and Gray Fox, as have many of the teams in attendance have accrued considerable experience prior to this event often putting serious time at many other 36 Hr MilSim events – in comparison, did this put you in good stead for the tempo at with it was to be run and enduring the less than inclement conditions ?

F23: In a word no (Laughs) . The tempo was relentless if we were not out on taskings we were defending the FOB from attack, and if not doing that we were working off live Intel being bought in by the SRR teams. As TL I wanted to make sure my lads were rested and fed, sometimes sacrificing my own admin. But when I was starting to lag my team mates had my back and made sure I grabbed a few hours rest when possible.


Assaulters Up !!!



SRR Team Diablo & Cobalt conducting deep reconaissance …


Team Diablo and Cobalt gave a brief account of their covert actions

So this weekend C02, C03 and C12 hit Combat Airsoft Group’s operation eagle fury with our our brothers D01 and D05 from Team Diablo, together we made up SRR callsign Talon 10, we were tasked with close target recce of the enemy village where an IED production facility was situated.
We have to say this has been an amazing weekend, the organisation and lead up was absolutely dead on, then actually participating in the event was absolutely amazing hands down the best event we’ve ever attended, the pyro, medical rules and all of the medical situations we had to deal with were incredible, the flow of the weekend was great, and when we were finally taken prisoner from our OP the effort put in by the organisers and their staff on the interrogation section was amazing, never felt so immersed at a game before.
Then when we headed back to the FOB to swap to DA gear it just got better and better, taskings were absolutely savage and play from everyone, task force and OpFor was on point, massive thanks to everyone involved, shout outs to our bros in Team Diablo, Gray Fox, Black Scorpions NLD, FLeZ Airsoft and anyone else I haven’t mentioned, the level of play just enhanced everything further again.

Watch Team Cobalt’s Op Fury Video Here:

Also a final massive thanks to Smudge and his team at Combat Airsoft Group for putting the weekend on, and we’ll definitely be at the next one, which we’re absolutely stoked for!

: Now, I know you’ve been busy radically upgrading your kit, I take it you got to put it through its paces and iron out a few kinks in doing so. How’d that work out – any improvements or additions to be made ?


check out more photography from GBP here:


F23: yeah, I’ve gone away from impressions and choose my kit based on what works whilst still looking US SOF’ish. My S&S Plate frame combined with my Ronin tactics belt is a match made in heaven . The only changes to kit I will be making is the ability to carry more smokes as it proved invaluable at an event like this . Oh and as for my TAG rounds, nice idea but in the UK climate they are just too unpredictable. (Laughs)

GM75: Now, CAG operate a real cap (30 Rnds) policy, both in context of this event and in general is this something that could be embraced by the masses for an improved ‘Plastic Deth‘ experience ?

GF23: In my honest opinion 30 rounds is a no go in MilSim, the weapon systems aren’t accurate enough and bb’s don’t keep your head down like real bullets, there’s no whip or snap plus your targets can see your bb’s coming , a happy medium, me and the guys employ is mid caps only with between 60-70 round and ammo limited to 400 rounds .
What I have written here, the pictures and videos you are going to see just doesn’t do this CAG event justice. It was intense, emotionally engaging, physically and mentally challenging . Blood and gore, body parts from suicide bombers, mock executions or captured task force members that had you doubting if it was just a game. Dedicated command net to call in real time air assets . The detail was incredible, immersive and really involved everyone.


Cobalt and Diablo

In my 15 years of playing this sport I have never been to an event that had so much on offer.
And Smudge isn’t happy stopping there, he is looking to up his game even further pushing and already full envelope even further.

Gray Fox
will be eagerly awaiting the next CAG event.

More on Combat Airsoft Group can be found here:

More on Gray Fox can be found here:



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