ToySoldier LV-MBAV Review

ToySoldier LV MBAV

The boys at ToySoldier recently sent over one of their LV MBAV’s to test out and set up in my preferred configuration.
The LV MBAV is a very lightweight, low profile plate carrier option devoid of MOLLE giving the end user all of the protection of more comprehensive modular plate carriers, taking both soft armor, full ballistic plates and side armor, but without the hinderence and bulk. Slick in appearance it’s about as minimalist as you can get …

But, retains the low visibility of covert soft armor carriers offering more mobility, agility and speed to the end user. Furthermore, as we’ll discuss here, it additionally has the ability to be momentarily upgraded attaching a variety of LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) via two ITW Nexus Clips/Buckles at the shoulder points.

It’s recently been popularized by MARSOC, having been seen in numerous photos in the wild, and has seen use with the 75thRangers and other units under the SOCOM umbrella.

Multicam variant in use with 75th Rangers

And, furthermore showcased as recently in Tokyo Marui’s M40a5 video.

ToySoldiers iteration of this plate carrier is perfectly scaled and provides an excellent aesthetic fit and form. Meaning simply selecting the appropriate size, you can be assured it will fit comfortably and once plates and soft armor is installed it will sit upon the torso correctly.

It’s made from lightweight Cordura, Hypalon Shoulder Straps and Tweave stretch panels and MilSpec Velcro.

All of which is offered in either Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam and Black.
Both front and rear plate bags are separated into two pockets, one for plates and the other for soft armor backers. An interesting feature is a series of three adjustable Velcro straps which prevent lateral play in the plates thus holding them firmly in place.

Individual pockets for soft armor backers and plates …

The cummerbund is a skeletal variant and is opened at the front of the carrier, and shortened or lengthened in the interior of the rear plate bag. It’s here the side plate pockets are attached and placed as desired.

… radio/mag pockets seen here with TRI 142 …

Sitting either side of the front plate bag are two pockets, used for storing either magazines and/or radio. This gives you the ability in the first instance when devoid of any LBE to still carry at least two STANAG magazines and communications.

Here, I opted for HSP’s (Haley Strategic Partners) D3 CR in Multicam. Without digressing off topic, this provides the perfect partner for increasing the LV’s LBE ability.

To clean up the the waist strap, which is released via to forward facing buckles, I ran this through the middle vertical MOLLE of the cummerbund and in through the rear plate bags entry slats. This leaves that strap tidily stored ready to attach the D3 and additionally prevents snagging and play which may impede fit, form and function.

D3 CR waist strap ran through the MOLLE for stability …

So, I now have an interim solution for high speed DA (Direct Action) games where I do not require either considerable amounts ammo, or the ability to have a plate carrier where I need to utilize MOLLE to mount and carry other mission critical essentials.

It’s low profile fit and form allows for considerable mobility and speed, and is ideal for vehicular born operations.

… easily stored and stowed away …

Additionally, even with plates and armor installed, it is easily folded down and can be stored in a day sack with ease, leaving plenty of room to spare.

Plate Pockets

To conclude, this is one of ToySoldiers finest reproductions yet, incomparable quality and it is functional and utilitarian. I’m a big fan of these, and offered at very competitive prices these should not be overlooked by players looking for something lighter, starting out their first load out or working to a budget but still desiring high end quality gear – S23** UPDATE **

As seen above you can see that the LV-MBAV was worn exclusively throughout this year weekend event the Ai500.

It performed flawlessly, and used in conjunction with m ‘first line’ Crye’sMRB and Haley Strategic D3CR I was still able to load carry all the usual equipment and magazines I’d traditionally carry across more traditional Plate Carriers.

It kept to its design profile of being lo-vis and lightweight, even when used in combustion with real Lvl III plates and soft armor. Why real armor ?

Well, the answers two fold, in the first instance it not only makes for an immersive experience but also adds the opportunity to improve cardio and physical fitness …

Moreover, the LV-MBAV sits better on the torso and allows for a better interaction when assembled with D3CR – the rear plate pulls the back chassis/plate bag taught and prevents the D3CR pulling the MBAV forward and out of place.

Kit and Gears used here:
FMA ‘Aramid Fibre’ Lvl III ‘Maritime’ Ops Core*

Triumph InstrumentTRIComtac III’s and AN-PRC 152’s*

Oakley Standard Issue ‘Monster Dog’ eye pro


Crye AC pants and shirt

Systema PTW w/KAC RIS and Aimpoint CCO, SureFire, M951 (with IR filter)

Element LA5 (IR functional)

PTS magazines*

SKD Tactical’s PIG FDT and Mechanix Wear gloves

AKU ‘Pilgrim’ GTX boots

Haley Strategic Partners D3CR

Ferro Concepts ‘dangler’

Intelligent Armour’s stiffened ‘range belt’

Toysoldier & Worskhop ‘LV-MBAV’*

FirstSpear, Blue Force and HighSpeed Gear pouches

Crye Precision MRB

ACTinBlack Sarl. ‘Lunox’ Monocular NVG

This undoubtedly is a resounding successful run out, and will be further inspiration for future lo-VI’s kits and gear plans I’m working on – S23

Compatible with detachable chest rig

Configurable with radio/mag pouch and side plate cummerbund

Compatible with most standard plates


Adopted by USSOCOM and designated LVMBAV this carrier accepts MBAV inserts and provides a lightweight streamlined system for low-visibility applications. Combined with a detachable for less covert use.
Available from ToySoldier here:

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  1. I know it 🙂 That’s why I wonder what options preferred by people. Already decided hydrator or backpack (if needed), or hydrator with straps, or bottles in their pockets.


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