Mikezeronine’s TM 416 DEVGRU Custom

The Reptile House has released no end of gargantuan sized content, naturally all of it being superbly relevant and with his finger firmly on the pulse of new and cutting edge Plastic Deth and Real Steel ephemera, you should be following this blog f’sure … here, he’s featured Mikezeronine’s blaster, replete with gear, Krylon and tactical accessories, all replete with a detailed synopsis- S23

The Reptile House


By Mikezeronine


The Blaster

The base model of the gun is a TM recoil HK416 DEVGRU custom. I purchased this as it had a few nice parts straight out of the box that I would only buy later on if I had gotten the standard TM 416.

The overall project was always aimed towards a CAG/SFOD build. However, going by reference pictures is very hard to do because CAG take their “Silent Professionals” responsibility very seriously. As such, in the wild pictures are few and far between.


The Rail

With this being a CAG build, I couldn’t not get my hands on the HAO SMR 10.5″. The HAO is the ultimate in repro rails and it is almost indistiguishable from the RS. I learned about this on The Reptile House Blog!

Adding in an Optronics repro XPS3 sight, Element Surefire repro and genuine RS Magpul RVG finished the body…

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