A Different Class: A Loadout Interview With AI’s Ben Webb

Gear Whores Anonymous …

I seriously couldn’t come up with anymore of an unoriginal but oh so apt moniker for this, yet again stunning piece by my good friend over at The Reptile House …

Well, he’s done it again, and delivered a stunning interview with fellow kit fiend, friend and colleague and editor at Airsoft International, Ben W. Those of you who enjoy the impressionista side of ‘Plastic Deth’ will find this a compelling insight into the evolution of USSOF’ish kit builds, expanding beyond the exhaustive load out kit list otherwise religiously adhered to, read on – S23



I’m really interested in the mechanics behind impressions. I admire those with the tenacity and iron will to deliver a picture perfect impression – hunting down dead stock Merrells and obsolete Eotech variants – as much as I admire those who play firmly within the SOF rules, yet still manage to personalise their loadouts.

Then there are the guys who blend a multiplicity of impressions, who break some of the rules but who are skilful enough in their choices to remain SOF-ish.

What have all these impressionistas got in common? High standards. They ask a lot of themselves, and their gear.

However, there’s another class of player out there. A player who knows the SOF rule book but chooses to exist outside it, taking from it only what they need, together with their own experience, to fully optimise their gear.

This class of player has high standards, but they may…

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