Light Comes Out of Black – Element LA5 PEQ 15 Review

Light Comes Out of Black – Element LA5 PEQ 15 Review
Originally sitting on my KAC rail was the ubiquitous G&P PEQ II, sadly this took several hits in game. Whilst ‘making much war’ playing Plastic Deth, and whilst a very sturdy, beautifully sized in scale and detailing, replete with markings functional, ‘zeroable’ laser and white light, the housing and adjustment dials got obliterated.

Semper Fidelis, always faithful … in the details !!!

Patina and general dirt, dust and scuffs aside, aesthetically it was in the back of my mindthat it had to be replaced, incidentally, the PEQ II was eventually sold on and ended up on Airsoft International’s Ben W’s Mk 12 Mod I.

It was around this time, where I was still very much focused on screen accurate load outs, primarily focusing on either U.S. Infantry or various iterations of U.S. Marines, and already their Block I SOPMOD’s, Mk 18’s and M16A4’s started to see the arrival of new and improved accessories …

… VFC’s standard setting PEQ 15

In particularly, predominantly in FDE, was the PEQ 15, and as ever the Far East had their finger on the pulse. Undoubtedly I wanted something as functional as G&P’s earlier model, naturally with the same detailing, build and durability. Amongst a slew of variants, one company stood head and shoulders above the rest Vega Force Company (VFC).

VFC PEQ 15 on the left, Element’s LA5 on the right …

True to their reputation, which, new on the market, their PEQ 15 came at price, but in short I was not disappointed and it really did look the part, itwas vastly superior quality overtly visible next to lesser counterparts.

In recent months, manufacturers have yet again returned to the market offering their iteration of the new and improved LA5PEQ 15.
A recent conversation with Dan of Red Troop, prompted me to follow his recent purchase of Elements model.

Element have in my eyes notoriously been viewed with disdain, as often many of their products in years past have been, quite frankly, less than acceptable.
However, here they’ve raised the bar, and really knocked it out of the park, with a highly detailed model, replete with all the details correctly present as with its ‘real steel’ err … cousin !!!

… detailed markings …

I often frown on the phrase un boxing, but it must be noted this is supplied with a reasonably useful storage case, whilst its interior foam is not particularly high quality, it’s certainly a pleasing change from plastic bags and battered brown card boxes. I imagine it will be used for batteries and other sundries whilst stored in my gun case.

The LA5 has a slightly streamlined profile in comparison to the earlier version of the 15, and here it’s fully represented in a solid plastic mould in FDE. It’s main power switch, or pressure pad is correctly raised and has a very positive click. It’s settings switch, too is agreeably solid and has sufficient resistant from it being knocked or slipping between settings. Or inadvertently being switched on …

The LA5 has a perfectly scaled rail attachment, with mates perfectly with my RS KAC RIS and with positive bite, it’s secure with no play.

Creeping ‘Green’ Deth

The original white light, is now improved, with a subtle anodized metal FDE housing, and is mirrored on the ‘O-ringed’ battery cap. Now, aside from the now exquisite engraved serial numbers, recessed operational markings, correctly translucent housing of zero dials, it also features fully functional IR capabilities as well as visible red laser.

It’s is this, which is particularly striking, Element have scored full marks, not only because of its detailing and functionality but these are retailed for £50 or less, a hugely significant margin for those operating on budgetary constraints and great for others who want great value.

Ironically, I’ve just published my latest ‘exclusive’ article on rail accessories and related ephemera with which we adorn our rails and blasters, however, the heart wants what it wants. So striking in detail and function, how could I refuse …

S23 Airsoft International Vol 12 Issue 2, featuring several readers very own blasters …

If I had one grumble, the obligatory warning stickers had been lazily applied at factory level, but not a deal breaker as spares are supplied too – S23

Element PEQ-15 LA-5 IPIM Specifications 

Manufacturer: Element

PEQ 15 LA-5

Itegrated Pointer/Illuminator Module

Laser Designator & Flashlight

Low/High Power constant On/Off

Pressure Pad switch included

LED Light / IR / Red Laser

Sticker Set Included

Comes with Case

Fits for standard 20mm rail

Powered by 1x CR123A battery.(not included)

Material: Plastic


S23 Familia Vinyl Sticker Sets Available Here:

S23 is Proudly Sponsored by ToySoldier


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