DethSOC: A Loadout Interview with S23

The juggernaut, that is The Reptile House has followed up Ben W’s from Airsoft International’s interview with a second load out feature, this time out, I volunteered to put ‘pen to paper’ – S23



I remember doing a short course in the early 90s. One of the many bullshit subjects which were fashionable at that time, no doubt. In one seminar – probably about a crap film – I happened to interject with, “It’s just style over substance!”

The seminar leader replied, coolly, “But have you considered that style is substance; discursive, ideological substance?” Clearly I hadn’t considered it and it stuck with me.

In Airsoft, style inspires and set standards. It’s a highly visually-orientated hobby where style most certainly is substance.

After intervewing Ben Webb, I thought I’d go with a series about loadouts. And loadouts are style; whether they are performance-led on one hand, or impression-led on the other.

Interviewees will (hopefully) provide a variety of viewpoints, representing high-end performance gear like Ben’s, the more rules-based impressionistic loadouts, and the many shades in between.

Enduring todays’s trundle through Airsoft Apparel Semiotics…

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