From Out of Nowhere – USGI FR Multicam ACU’s Review

From Out of Nowhere – USGI FR Multicam ACU’s Review
More of a lesson in curiosity than fiscal inclination, I’d personally hankered after a set of ACU’s (Advanced Combat Uniform) in Multicam, the preferred cut over BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) which I own several sets in a variety of patterns.
I recently tracked down a brand new set with a slight difference, these also accommodate the Crye Knee Pads.

Intrigued, and as these were brand new, and offered at an incredible price point shipped, I thought what’s to lose …
Huge thanks to the seller, for their speedy expedition, great comm’s and genuinely accurate description – this, naturally always compliments that new gear smell when ‘mail call treasure’ arrives …

So, what do I think – I’d say in the first instance the US DOD, have ultimately produced a pant that admirably compares to the commercially available G3 pants, and the now lamentably discontinued AC’s.
It’s is naturally missing a few of the features, which whilst small, are appreciated and reflective of Crye’s desire to be uniquely innovative.

Straight out of the package, still fresh with repellent, and starch using 65% FR (Fire Resistant) Rayon, 25% P- Aramid and 10% Nylon and Spandex these are tonally warmer, even when printing using the same Pantone’s as opposed to Crye’s more subdued pastel iterations. Something I expect will subsequently match when ‘got dirty and worn’ and laundered.
Whilst essentially the same cut at General ACU variants, the waist adjustment has been elasticated and is subsequently secured by two Velcro locking points. 

This is also replicated, and whilst Crye’s angled tabs are overlooked by more traditional Velcro leafs, the knee points feature two Velcro tabs not dissimilar to Platatac’s combat pant. This is a fantastic improvement, as it prevents rolling and torque in the knee pads. 

Additionally the knee pad socket has the internal flap seen on G3’s allowing them to be reverted to a more standardized appearance. Ideal for those trips to the ‘coffee store’ …
What was apparent is a stitched grommet had been added to drain any excess water when and if wading through streams or marshland, and offering a modicum of air circulation, useful if you find the knee pads a little ‘hot and sweaty’ …

The obligatory ACU pockets are present on the calf, thighs, waist and rear seat of the pants all secured by traditional button closure. The ankles too, can be traditional bloused using the draw ties, or left loose as preferred.

Now, I was about to lament the loss of the height adjusters as synonymous with the AC and G3 pants, only to reach into the side cargo pockets and find them neatly tucked away. 

This, is where it really gets my thumbs up. On two counts, easier to adjust when worn, and better yet the adjusters are a release-able clamp variant, meaning quite simply once set they hold their height and ensure the correct seating of the knee pads.

… time to get some fresh coffee …
I was skeptical, that these would be in fact relegated to house hold maintenance, comfort wear or even sold on. These however, as legit kit are an economical alternative to poorly produced reproductions, particularly as the pattern on certain clones leave an awful lot to be desired …

Undeniably Crye are still king, however, these USGI pants sure give em’ a run for their money. Albeit, not quite a detailed tailoring or athletic fit, this represents a healthy step in the right direction for any soldier or plastic deth aficionados kit bag.

However, at well under the 3rd of the price of a new set of G3’s I’m really keen to get em’ dirty in the field, good job I’ve got the matching shirt sitting in storage too … S23

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