In The Meantime – Op’s Core Maritime with Crye Airframe Cover

In The Meantime – Op’s Core Maritime with Crye Airframe Cover

Possibly the title reference to avant garde post Hardcore band Helmet may well be overlooked, but the pun is intended.

‘Kevgru’s Maritime’
Part of the blogs journey, and subsequent propagation across social media has allowed a steady stream of like minded people to get in touch and discuss our favorite pastime ‘Plastic Deth’.
In particular very good friend and ardent supporter of the blog @Kevgru is often in conversation with us discussing gear and it’s set up, often offering innovative and inspirational ideas on what he’s up to over in ‘Hell Paso’.

He recently sent in a photo of him and his good buddy sporting both their Mk I and Mk II ‘beer patches’.

TF ATROX with Mk I & Mk II S23 Familia Patches
Dripping in ‘real steel’ credentials both sporting, high speed iterations of gears inspired by real military in the wild. 

SOF in the wild, running AF Covers …
I immediately noticed that @Kevgru had reverted from the popularized Air Frame, back to a Maritime Op’s Core, but with a difference.

His research had seen him stumble across real world SOF photos using this PPE but with the addition of AF Crye’s cover …

Visually striking, and the break, cut aside, compellingly fits the helmet and affords it all the camouflage properties required to disrupt it’s shape and form. That and really does look very cool.

More relevantly, RS variants of the OC cover are not readily available, and demand as such sees them fetch exorbitant prices from retailers and bidding sites respectively. 

Whereas the AF cover, produced in considerable volume, and readily available in surplus quantities – is financially a lot more amenable. 

In The Wild – CAG using AF covers on high cut Ops Core

What’s to lose, you get a spare AF cover if you own both helmets, and I have plans to modify out that break in the cover – S23

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier:


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