Hardcore! (The Definition) – Inside My Gear Locker

Hardcore! (The Definition) – Inside My Gear Locker

It’s been long propagated that I’m a sucker for cool guy gear. Disposable income permitting at one time or another I’ve possessed up five or six fully complete load outs, excruciatingly detailed and often collected over many months, even years …

After much agonizing soul searching many of these gears were recycled to financially usher in newer, or more modern variations of my take on the contemporary load out, often with small twists and turns to tune them into something I could optimize for functionality, and by serendipity often arriving at something that in form was aesthetically pleasing.
Crye JPC (Ver.I)

The Crye JPC has since been superseded by the 2.0 Ver, adopting some of the modularity of the AVS and improved for quicker don and doffing. Mine, still going strong serves as a light weight solution to high speed DA games and scenarios.

It’s only real recent alteration was the addition of a Mayflower Type I back panel. Which apart from storing a few sundries such as spare ammo, primarily houses the Source Ilt Hydration Bladder.

Mayflower Type I The lower pouch is a detachable Velcro IFAK pouch, replete with internal elasticated looks for tidy storage. When you ‘break’ the Fastex clip its grab handle deploys to rip it off and use. I have used it to store Flash Bangs and Smoke Grenades and grabbed em’ when needed. I use the top pouch to store a soft shell when on extended games and rain is expected.

I’ve complemented mine with the OEM MBITR pouches and 6×6 side plates, which offers easy radio carriage, supplemental magazine storage. A good friend of mine had attached the soft plate bags to the skeletal cummerbund, which in a real world setting offers even further modular protection.

It does however, hold sufficient magazines, both primary and secondary – even without the addition of load carriage on my belt, to engage in heavy fire fights without overly cluttering my ‘work space’.
Crye CPC

The heart wants what the heart wants, and despite making massive strides to step away from full ‘battle rattle’ plate carriers, I was visually smitten and took the plunge …

Here, I can carry an optimal amount of primary and secondary magazines, plus with the Type ‘C’ back panel, holding hydration, flash bangs, IFAK and 100 Rnd SAW (SOFLCS) I’m good to go in the field for extended games.

Here outfitted with the inimitable High Ground Gear MBITR pouch, Blue Force SG pouch and a few other mission critical essentials this can really carry everything I need to keep going.

I’d extensively researched this alongside the AVS, which I felt featured an even more aggressive suspension system, but lacked the substance of the CPC. It was this traditional plate carrier mentality that really made the leap away, or up from the JPC.

It’s unique suspension system whereupon the eight pads, when correctly positioned allow me to install ‘RS’ plates, which ensure correct fit and form, while distributing its payload with out any noticeable difference from ‘toy’ plates.

What should be shoulder burning and back breaking inducing weight, isn’t, this really is testament to Crye’s design initiative.
LV-MBAV (ToySoldier) & HSP D3CR

The ultimate and final word in minimalism, for me at any rate is ToySoldiers fantastic reproduction of the LV-MBAV. Slick, sleek and as about as low profile as it gets. Offering only two pouches for either magazines or radio. Here when combined with the D3 (which could be drawn from a day sack) instantly transforms it into a more functional fighting option, allowing a further four primary magazines, and two secondary magazines into the fight.

It’s this particular set up, that meets all of the requirements I demanded of both the JPC and CPC, whilst equally removing bulk, clutter and complication. That instant modularity to upscale is a real wow factor when it comes functionality …
Great for long patrol based games, ‘Recon’ and ‘Observation’ missions or just fighting light in urban and CQB AO’s …

What’s next, who knows – but there’s a fair few options already being considered, including several combinations of equipment and gears not directly from the tactical community – S23

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S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/



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