Skeleton Heads – ToySoldier ‘Paraclete’ Style CVC Plate Carrier (Smoke Green) Review

Skeleton Heads – ToySoldier ‘Paraclete’ Style CVC Plate Carrier (Smoke Green) Review

Whilst naturally an unashamed fan boy of ToySoldiers output, even I can objectively overview their products.

It is in this instance though, they really have excelled themselves, delivering one of their finest replicas to date.

Here, picking up on the rapidly swelling undercurrent of yesteryear ‘load outs’ again being popularized by modern day recenactors, they’ve seized upon the moment to release their iteration of ‘ParacletesCVC in Smoke Green.

If CAG/Delta or UKSF in Iraq 2005, as recounted in the book Task Force Black are your thing, look no further …

‘Heavy Metal’

Constructed from high end 500d Cordura, authentically reproduced here in Smoke Green, straight out of the bag it’s instantly identifiable, indistinguishable from its ‘Real Steel’ big brother. Giving your load out that air of authoritative authenticity.

‘Green Deth’
Even in hand, it is solidly cut, and immediately visible from the incredible stitching on the bar-tacked MOLLE, and high grade MilSpec Velcro that this, is one of those true labors of love that transcends replica, and proudly affirms itself as a true reproduction.

Generously covered, on the frontside, as per the original, is the offset Velcro MOLLE, obligatorally asking to be adorned with either ‘Jumbo Sized’ Star Spangled patch or the red, white and blue of UKSF units.

SF ‘mod’ optional
The cummerbund is opened and fastened via authentic heavy YKK zipper or using the two supplied ‘press studs’ to mod SF style ..

Felt lining at both the top of both Plate bags afford a high degree of comfort and prevent abrasion on the chest plate and shoulders from ballistic protection. Incidentally, I was intrigued to assess its load bearing ability and it comfortably held two 5 Ilb plates, with no discernible discomfort. Grommets line the lower seem, undoubtedly to provide drainage and circulate air.

Soft armor is installed and accessed via the lower soft zippered closures of both plate bags, and I was pleased to find both plate pockets provide a nice tight, snug fit thus preventing horizontal and lateral play.

The stitching here, quite rightfully reinforced to anticipate weight, and industrial grade Velcro ensures these plates are staying put !!!

Soft armor, is a well cut, foam filled affair. Naturally, this does assist in giving the CVC it’s all important shape and form. Whilst the CVC screams function, it’s such attention to detail that makes it all the more athletically pleasing.

… the entire vest is awash with MOLLE, whilst how you choose to configure vest, the possibilities and option to adjust per game make this an incredibly versatile plate carrier. Testament to its history and why it was popularized by UK and US SF units alike.

The cummerbund is attached via vertically threading through the rear MOLLE and this allows to to adjust both depth and girth, proving that a good fit, comfortably, is easily set. It’s worth noting here, this vest is a ‘high ride’ style, much like the fit and form of the older IBA vests. 

The plate bags are a standardized size and height and depth for each user is compensated for by adjusting the cummerbund and shoulder straps respectively. At 6ft, I was able to adjust with no issues.

Naturally, this proudly represents ToySoldier at their finest. Showcasing their attention to detail and finish, giving collectors, reenactors and players alike and alternative to often price prohibitive or scare obsolete items since long lost in the sands of time …

It shows that there is still a huge market for older generation gears, and that the venerable stitch perfect load out, may not be quite so extinct after all – S23

The CVC is currently available direct from ToySoldier, at a special discounted price:

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S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier:


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