Codes – a ‘post’ load out review of FMA’s Blast Gauge

Codes – a ‘post’ load out review of FMA’s Blast Gauge

In years gone by, when painstakingly assembling whatever my chosen load out of the time was I used to spend an inordinate amount of time researching and subsequently collecting and assembling every minor finite detail. And, therin lay half the fun, the late nights trawling through a plethora of forums, amassing entire folders of reference material and reading an inordinate amount of books to and from work on my daily commute …

As time passed, you start to distil and dilute these exhaustive kit list in favor or more functional options, relinquishing some of the obsessive detailing and literaly, take it all back to its purist form. Quite literally form being derived from function, however, every so often, something pops up, which catches the eye and as such, you’ve just gotta have it.

FMA here, have released ‘functional’ in the loosest sense, their iteration of the popularized ‘blast gauge’. In the real world these are herin designed to measure the exposure from ‘over pressure’ real war fighters are exposed to during combat conditions, thus allowing medical practitioners to quantify the inherent negative effects wrought against human physiology and subsequently treat the effects. Well, that’s my understanding in the simplest of laymans terms.
Obviously something we don’t need for ‘Plastic Deth‘. But, they do as I’ve aforementioned, add an aesthetic form to kit purists looking to detail their gears and push the boundaries of suspension of disbelief visually.

FMA have produced an otherwise close proximity to the real thing, although the mesh is slightly different in appearance, it is to the eye, other wise identical.

Presented in a steel foam lined tin, an over engineered, presentation if there ever was, but I nice touch in respect of customer service. Providing ample storage, although I’m sure I’ll put these to alternative use as battery cases, or other spares …

A set of stickers, to mark the rear of each Gauge to its corresponding position, head, chest or shoulder is supplied, I bought three of these, so that explained how the retailer gets round what type to supply, you simply self designate with the stickers. These are then activated using an ‘Allen’ key, and then selecting the correspond color indicated by the LED to position on your head or torso. Subsequently exposed to any loud noises, causes it to flash. 

Absolutely useless, and considering the close proximity we play ‘Plastic Deth‘ – particularly in darkened CQB these will provide a great market for the opposition. But, they can be left switched off, and as I laid out my stall from the outset, this was a purchase motivated by form rather than function.

… a real hark back to my ‘Devils in The Details’ load out days, I’ve just added FMA’s ‘functional’ Blast Gauges to my Airframe and chest and shoulder of my CPC … These blink when exposed to any audible noise, and can be set to the corresponding color relevant to head and torso position. Otherwise useless, but naturally a fun accessory to dress the kit with.

These are secured to the desired position using the devices shock cord loop, which when removed allows access to replace to the readily available ‘watch style’ battery.

It is however a very cool touch, that FMA have made these functional, alternatively they also make a non functional set, supplied as a set of three. The choice is yours, but the price difference is neglible. This was a fun return to the ephemera of old, and as such, whilst a novelty item, it made this jaded ‘Airsofter’ smile – S23

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