Reality Unfolds: S23’s Loadout Doctrine for Operation Dark Water (TRH Mix)

Very good friend over at The Reptile House was recently intrigued about plans I’ve got coming up later this month. He was kind enough to give me a show case spot on his blog, which as always was a lot of fun. It can all be read here … S23

… coming soon demo mix (original essay format)


By S23gearmonkey75

TRH feat. S23? Nothing new in the two blogs crossing over; they are pretty much siblings, after all.

However, we’ve gone a bit more experimental with today’s article. It’s written by none other than S23, but it’s been ‘mixed’ by TRH.

It was S23’s idea. He handed over the ‘demo’ version – the raw mix of words, with all the levels set at ‘eleven’. The result is his punk aesthetic, put through the mixing desk of The Reptile House.

S23 thinks the result is smooth, but now I don’t think it sounds noisy enough 😉

Enjoy! 🙂

A few months back I was invited to be a part of Operation Dark Water. With the event fast approaching, it only seems like yesterday. So, I’ve been forced into thinking things through – from a loadout perspective – on an accelerated timeline. There’s nothing like a bit…

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