The Underground in Plastic Deth – Airsoft International 

The Underground in Plastic Deth – Airsoft International 

Just over a year ago, the opportunity to write full time for Airsoft International presented itself, and naturally to reach a wider audience it was too good to pass on. 

I’d previously written a few pieces for the Globes biggest Airsoft publication, mainly staff ‘blaster’ pieces and a long lost site review, hopefully I’ll dig that out of the archives one day …

Tokyo Marui M4A1 EBBR/NGRS
… time passed, and not long after starting the very blog you are now reading, additional material each month, often of a more personable style has been created exclusively for Airsoft International.
Read on, at the end of this retrospective piece you’ll find an exclusive offer, which will get you 10% off subscriptions, both hard and digital copy, back issues and more …

Our very first foray into print featured my experiences and thoughts on my very own PTW.

Iss 7 Vol 11 Blasters

This, was an exciting experience, and served as great warm up for subsequent pieces. In reflection, I can see the huge changes and shift in style over subsequent months.


The following issue was hotly followed by a comparison piece, on Crye’s CPC and JPC. I didn’t get photos to print in time, and if this is ever reprinted I’d really like to see it rebooted with the wealth of material collected over the last year.

Iss 8 Vol 11 Crye or Die
Plastic Deth

With the next issue, things really started to evolve, even accelerate. I’d found an audience, who’d fed back that they’d enjoyed the first few installments. Based on those very conversations, I was encouraged to offer a more personal perspective. This was perhaps the beginning of the series true evolution, here, writing about what makes a skirmish or an event great.

Iss 9 Vol 11 Love Affair

Gear Whores Anonymous 

So warmly received, I was encouraged to do more, this introspective piece was on my own personal love affair with load outs, and if they still have a place in our hearts today.

Iss 10 Vol 11 Gears of War


Possibly one of the more controversially and hotly contested topics at the time, particularly with the rise of ‘celebrity’ I was asked to write here, on women in the industry. A tough piece to write, as I’m a staunch defender of equality and see no reason why there should not be room for all. Nonetheless, it was a dauntless task, one well out of my comfort zone. However, the readers backed it, and some girls even took up Plastic Deth inspired by these very words of encouragement.

Iss 11 Vol 11 Girls, Girls, Girls …

No Logo

Right behind this one we took on the industry and explored trends and marketing ploys directed at you, the venerable customer. So expansive was this topic, it could of filled the whole magazine. Fitting it into 1200 words was easy no was feat …

Iss 12 Vol 11

War Nerve

Having missed a deadline, and thus not appearing in Volume Eleven’s 13th Issue, we came back with this piece just in time for the first Ai500 installment for 2016. Here, preparing for bigger, more expansive events and MilSims was explored. Something I again revisited recently with The Reptile House as this is a limitless topic …

Iss 1 Vol 12

Reinventing The Steel

Right off the back of this, I was already writing up the next issues following article. This one focusing on Blasters and all the ephemera and accessories we strap to em’ – this saw the first of several articles with photo material, supplied by you, the S23 Familia.

Iss 2 Vol 12

Featuring more S23 Familia photos we sought to promote the very best virtues and ethos behind being a great player, who would be an asset to its legacy.

Iss 3 Vol 12

Still Cyco After All These Years

Which brings us almost uptodate, I’ve got the proofs for the next issues article, but naturally you’ll have to wait and read this months issue out in a few weeks. I’ll leave with last months, discussing setting up plate carriers …

Iss 4 Vol 12
However, don’t forget …


… our exclusive monthly article is in Airsoft International every month. You can use the S23 exclusive code PLASTICDETH to get a 10% off back issues, magazine bundles, hard copy and digital subscriptions over £10 ($13/€11 etc)

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