Crazy but Proud – Spotlight on TF Copperheads VO2’s CAG inspired Op’s Core Maritime

Crazy but Proud – Spotlight on TF Copperheads VO2’s CAG inspired Op’s Core Maritime

A while back we had ‘Echo Charlie‘ from The Cage, perhaps better known as V01 from Task Force Copperhead on here talking about all things Plastic Deth, The Wannabe Forums and his subsequent return to the scene. 

(read it here: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – an interview with The Cage’s Echo Charlie – s23gearmonkey75

Naturally whilst perusing Social Media feeds this morning over a hot cup of coffee, good friend, and also standing member of Copperhead, Ross otherwise know as V02 posted up photos of his recent CAG inspired ‘kevlar’.

So stunning in its function, it epitomizes the aesthetic form we gear heads and kit junkies naturally all strive for and enthuse over.

– Ops Core Maritime – Ops Core Maritime Cover (little small) – Ops Core Lux Liner with worm dial – Ops Core Vas Shroud – Ops Core Arc Rails – S&S Manta Strobe (Gen 1) – Anvis Mount and LPBP – Anvis ground mount adapter * – Peltor Arc rail adapters – COMTAC IV Dual Comm’s – Oakley SI Goggle mount – Blast Gauge* * replica
V02 explained ‘Jumping in with the thoughts on my helmet setup after finally doing something with my Ops Core. Supposed to be CAG based after stripping most the bits of my Airframe however I’m sure its a little off the mark. Still a few bits i want to sort on it but this is it for now.’

V02’s intention, at some point, is to switch over to the PVS 31 battery pack as well as either a L4G24 mount or the Adam Industries ANVIS.
V02 has ably built a solid representation of ‘Kevlars’ as utilized by the mysterious shadow warriors of CAG. Arguably I’m sure kit enthusiasts will argue over one or two small details, but this is nonetheless a thrilling insight into this nearly complete work in progress.

Recently I got to meet up with  V02 for a casual skirmish, in between bouts of ‘Plastic Deth‘ conversation naturally drifted onto the topic of building load outs.

As seen here, his passion for detail, research and pushing the boundaries of authenticity are clearly evident.

Intriguingly, this is a stunning piece, and somewhat a sidestep, in departure from V02’s already stunning Airframe build, borrowing from, naturally some of that Kevlars accessories.

Whilst others may scoff or laugh, we enthusiastically discussed the finer details of functionality and form. Right down to the last stitch. We dissected the merits of a wide variety of kit related topics, all over a cup of hot coffee, naturally …

S23 & V02 formed an impromptu super team, but got distracted by coffee and cordura …
As such, after swapping hints and tips on load outs and gear builds, it was this very meeting of minds that encouraged me to pick up a set of FMA’s Blast Gauges …

You can read that article here: Codes – a ‘post’ load out review of FMA’s Blast Gauge – s23gearmonkey75

Head on over to TF COPPERHEAD and see more of their kit, blasters and exploits – S23




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