Too True – S23’s Airframe Setup

Too True – S23’s Airframe Setup

I couldn’t resist jumping on the band wagon, that of late has seen gear heads the globe over displaying their latest iteration of headwear, specifically protective helmets.

This, has already featured, as recently in as many months, on the blog. principally  Kevgru’s Maritime Op’s Core inspired utilization of an Airframe Cover and TF Copperhead‘ V02’s return to Maritime helmets in favor his Airframe.

V02’s Maritime
Kevgru’s OC Airframe covered hybrid

Intriguingly many of these impressionista’s have met a small modicum of resistance from purists, as they have chosen to defer from regimented doctrine. Putting out, whilst aesthetically pleasing, but functional variants based on what works for them.

I’m a huge fan of the venerable screen accurate load out, and I for many years followed as such, with almost religious fervor and zeal these very kit lists.

Then, the explosion of new and exciting kit, abundantly available commercially, caused me to become far more adventurous and open minded towards how I interpreted my own load outs.

Here, is my own favored piece of head gear, Dragon Red’s ‘Premium’ Airframe replica. Repro gear is exactly just that. However, as and when a real steel becomes available at a ‘slightly’ more affordable price point. This, in my humble opinion is, as reproductions go, the very, very best next thing out there, or until FMA bring out an Ariamid Fibre version as the did with their Ops Core.

On that note, I still have my Dragon Red Op’s Core. Faithfully surviving no end of knocks, bumps and scrapes. I’m sure when a few certain accessories are acquired that will make a reappearance very soon, particularly as I’ve plans to bring out the JPC for heavy rotation too …

The Airframe as seen here, is equipped with Core Survials strobe, a powerful counterpart to my S&S Precisions Manta Strobe.

Contours HD +1 ‘head cam’ which I’ve covered with Velcro to ‘bite’ with the two Velcro loops run the slats in the Airframes cover. Secure, but easily very easy to detach on or off the field.

The other side makes use of the rail, housing an MPLS, with three brightness settings, and an IR function, proves to be more intuitive and lower profile and discreet compared to other helmet lights I’ve used, say Surefire for example. 

The MPLS can also be detached and mounted on the supplied vest attachment, say, when not running hard headwear but light is required to read a map, or without unnecessary ambient light pollution do kit admin in low light.

I’ve chosen here not to rail mount my headset. As I’m very OCD with small details, and to chop up the headband and tidy the cables through the AF’s rent entire system would render me void of a headset when using softer headwear. This allows to alternate between both head systems without comprising the operability of my comm’s.

The whole helmet is adequately counter weighted using ToySoldiers counterweight bags, which carry a considerable amount of spare CR123A’s – this is more than enough to offset a good fit and assist and stabilize my NOD’s and provide consistent eye relief unaffected by movement.

Ultimately this really has become all the more utilitarian and functional with the addition of Act in Blacks LUNOX NVG

I’ve already covered this fantastic kit in an earlier review on here, but this now has opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities in game. Having a functional and operable head borne system to use comm’s, run NVG’s and other ephemera, such as the fun ‘but completely’ frivolous FMA ‘functional’ blast gauge, it certainly feels like this particular journey is now complete – S23

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier


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