No Holds Barred – Flimmuur Tactical kit review

No Holds Barred – Flimmuur Tactical kit review

A few months back I’d had my attention drawn to Flimmuur Tactical by my very good friend over at The Reptile House
I was immediately impressed with the vast array of tactical gear on display, all made in house. Further more, not only innovative, and of an exceptionally high grade, industrial even, standard I was further compelled to sit up and pay heed, they are exceptionally competitively priced in comparison to other ‘brand names’.

Now, to further grow and build his own brand, and Ed over at Flimmuur, is one smart cat, not only a wizard at stitching and designing gear, he ran a simple competition, to grow and expand his visibility across one of his social media accounts.

Happy to give one of the industry’s good guys some well deserved exposure we liked and shared the post to our readership, and, embarrassingly but pleasantly surprisingly enough, I won.
So, it’s only fair, the belt offered up as the prize gets a review here:

Made with a roll pin buckle from Austrialpin that Ed had from a while back, and he’d been itching to make a belt with it.  

The belt itself from the superb Type 13 Multicam woven Parachute webbing

With double reinforced stitching, and stiffened from hip to hip across the rear makes this an ideal range belt or even potentially used for low load bearing, say holster, magazines and any other items of immediacy. 

However, even out hiking, exploring or just every day use to lock of pants to give a good form and fit you’ll do no wrong.
I was immediately struck with the quality and finish of stitching, all correctly over stitched to prevent it becoming unwoven. 

You’d be surprised how many manufacturers get this wrong, and as such after hard use the kit fails.
Details, naturally finished with their in house logo, it’s details like this that really finish a project, such as this and give it an assured feel of quality.
The Austrialpin loop that houses the Roll Pin buckle has been heavily reinforced to assure it’s load bearing ability, and the excess of the belt threaded through the Roll Pin is tidied away with the supplied elasticated, genuine Multicam loop.

Belts are made to order and on request, Flimmuur as they did here with me, asked to supply my measurements, thus producing a belt tailor made just for you. At these prices, could you get such high customer service and personable workmanship anywhere else. Being part of the whole process was a uniquely enjoyable customer experience, and – makes this item all the more special.
I’ve already used this belt, it’s comfortable, easy to adjust, don and dof. And it’s now firmly a strong contender in my kit bag.
I’ll urge you all to head on over to the links below, you’ll be foolish to pass up on what’s being designed and made available over at ‘The Haus of Flimmuur‘ – S23
Find out more on Flimmuur here:

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier

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