Underneath Everything – an Interview with Devil Norseman (VBSS FSBE Gears)

Underneath Everything – an Interview with Devil Norseman (VBSS FSBE Gears)

**Editorial Note **

Sadly, due to technical issues, time constraints or other commitments not every interview comes to completion or gets of the ground. That said, in this instance, we decided to dip into the archives and dust off this part completed interview to showcase Devil Norseman’s amazing early MFR VBSS gears – enjoy – S23

Exploding across Social Media this morning, despite purporting in recent months that the venerable load out was a thing of the past, Devil Norseman posted up a slew of photos of his visually stunning MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) VBSS FSBE kit.

The detail was palpably exquisite, researched and authentically presented, I for one, was quite literally blown away. Having built a similar load out a few years back, I think I may of even sold him the leg panel (laughs). We thought we’d sit down and talk through these incredibly rare gears.

S23: Thanks for coming ‘aboard’ for an interview, proud to have the opportunity to show case this load out. So, to set the scene, how’d you get involved in building load outs?
DN: Hi, thanks for all the kind words, love the stuff you do. I first started to collect gears about 20 years ago, all kinds of military stuff, ammo boxes, guns, helmets, uniforms, field gear etc … check my site for some of it (see link at end of the interview). A few years back Combat & Survival magazine had an article about the USMC Force Recon back in 2001 and it was first time I’ve seen the MOLLE Plate Carrier, Speciality DefenseAAV and FSBE gears. I fell in love and always had it in back of my mind. About 2009 I started buy some FSBE (Full Spectrum Battle Equipment) items and a HABD and it was on.

S23: What inspired you to pursue this early era MEU VBSS load out, as I only too well known, some of the gears are not only expensive but very hard to get hold of?
DN: It was Fairchild’s gears over at Warjunkies.net (inspiration for my own FSBE impression) he’d made a very cool impression, I think that was the reason I had to finally make one too, after I’d had it in my mind for so long.

S23: How much research and photographical material had you collated to get this as accurate as possible?
DN: Specwargear and the ForceRecon websites was a good source, also some magazine articles from old C&S and Raid magazines. But there’s still lots of information I don’t know about yet, so there is a few things wrong on my impression. But as you mentioned, some of the gear is hard to find, so I did next best thing I hope. But if anyone can help me getting the last correct pieces and one SDS .45 pouch, please contact me.

S23: Do you think the days of ‘screen accurate’ load outs have become a thing of the past, or they are still going stronger than ever, albeit underground?
DN: I think the level of detail and accurate gear impressions about today is very high. Lots of good stuff coming from all corners of the world.

You can check out more amazing kits and gears from Devil Norseman here on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/devilnorseman/

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