None Heavier – Kit Spotlight on HR4K’s Beaverfit Training Plates, by CAG’s ‘Smudge’

None Heavier – Kit Spotlight on HR4K’s Beaverfit Training Plates, by CAG’s ‘Smudge’

Head honcho over at Combat Airsoft Group, Smudge, when not busy with work, home or planning and running the next episode of CAG events, doesn’t like to sit idle or rest on his laurels. To this day he pursues a fanatical level of fitness, and does so with a religious fervor and regimen. Naturally any opportunity to push boundaries and expand his fitness, well, he needs no further encouragement …
In recent months the UK has seen an incredible rise in the tactical gear stakes, with small homegrown companies not only on the rise, but offering innovative design and solutions to the mass produced offerings from stale and bloated larger companies, but they openly invest and support the communities whom naturally form there audience.
Hereford Kit Company, AmTac, Flimmuur and C2R are rapidly on the rise, and there are more soon to arrive …

Smudge took time out over a cup of joe to talk me through these intriguing training aids from Hereford Kit Company

Why train with training plates, real SAPI are cost prohibitive enough, that whilst tough enough to stand up to the rigors of real combat, and ergo training, do not need to be needlessly damaged or distressed during high impact excercise or whilst conducting PST/UDT (Personal Safety Training & Unarmed Defensive Training). Conversely these are less overt, and using a lo vis carrier allow training in your local field, or running track with causing unnecessary alarm to the general public.

Smudge went on to explain:
a huge thank you to Ben over at The Hereford Kit Company for sending us a set of BeaverFit Tactical Training Plates. When these combined with the Warrior Assault Systems CPC they are perfect duo to complement those conducting any type of cardio/running type training, also whilst carrying out any type of tactical training. Be it range work, patrolling or simulating the weight of armor whilst under physical stress.

The Beaverfit plates are based on a standard 10×12 SAPI cut with a double curved feature allowing the plates to sit more comfortably on the chest and abdomen area. These are also backed with foam padding to allow better fitting and also additional comfort.
In addition to the plates you can also buy a set of 3 x STANAG sized magazines to simulate the weight of a basic combat load.

Each plate weighs in at 2.5kg and the magazines come in at 500 g.

Used in conjunction with the Warrior Covert Plate Carrier this makes a perfect training platform. The CPC is really low profile and comes with an additional velcro triple magazine pouch which can be secured by the elastic cummerbund.

The elastic cummerbund is an awesome addition to the carrier as it creates an expansive movement when hyperventilating/heavy breathing generated from heavy exertion during training. In total the CPC setup gives you the capability to carry 7 x magazines.

Please see below for more info on products & retailers:

Hereford Kit Company:

Warrior Assault Gear:
UK Tactical:

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