Hard Lessons – Beaverfit SOE Plate Carrier Spotlight

Hard Lessons – Beaverfit SOE Plate Carrier Spotlight

Off the back of our immensely popular guest editorial by CAG’s very own Smudge Hereford Kit Company HR4K reached out to us to us and gave an in depth insight into Beaverfits very own SOE Plate Carrier. Specifically tailor made to be as low profile and slick as possible for optimal use with their very own weighted training plates.
Unlike a standard weighted training vest, the BeaverFit Vest is designed and built exactly to the specifications of a Special Operations plate carrier. The BeaverFit vest is designed so you can train in exactly what you would fight in. Train hard, Fight easy.

There are two vests available, in either black or standard multicam with the option of either curved or flat weight plates. Each vest comes with a 3 magazine pouch add on, with magazines weighing 0.5kg. Two 5kg plates are included with the vest. See her for pricing: http://www.beaverfiteu.com/vests/beaverfit-soe-plate-carrier-hypalon


The premium vest is made out of laser cut laminated 500 Cordura and hypalon. The medium vest is 500 Cordura.


The 500 Cordura is genuine MultiCam patterned material.


Each vest comes with a detachable hypalon triple mag pouch, with three 0.5kg magazine weights.


The vest is modular has the ability to load out with various pouches.


The vest is adjustable and will fit most sizes, the shaped plates make it more comfortable over the standard flat plates.

Hereford Kit Company:


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