Walk Through Exits Only – Ferro Concept Kit Spotlight

Walk Through Exits Only – Ferro Concept Kit Spotlight

As good fortune would have it I snagged my first piece of Ferro Concepts gear from one of my good friends over at OpForUK.
Why’s it taken so long, why do I not already have more Ferro kit in my inventory, is it any good, yup these are the very same questions I asked my self this very morning.

OpFor 01 with his FC- MEDPC in the field…
I know I’m late to the party, ironically I’m aware of Ferro since his early work commissioned from the very forum that was instrumental to where I’am today. I’m also aware that many of you already swear by his pouches, plate carriers, backpacks, watch caps and more …
So, what treasure did today’s mail call bring. The Ferro Concepts ‘Dangler’.

Now, my opening gambit here, if even a pouch needs a solitary review, is if I had one grumble, would be it’s absurdly bizarre nomenclature, the very name ‘Dangler‘ whilst aptly describing it quite frankly demeans its utilitarian design and fantastically over engineered functional form.
Naturally, whilst I’ll shall rename it, if only for the purpose of this review, the FC-MEDCP (Ferro Concepts Modular Everday Carry Pouch) I’ll discuss why this may be, if using the appropriate plate carrier, the most indispensable pouch you’ll ever own, or need …
As quite clearly stated, on their very own website (web store) Ferro have evolved, and are proudly in pole position to stand shoulder to shoulder amongst the pantheon of industry giants.

To quote ‘The roots of Ferro Concepts are planted in the philosophy of supplying the highest quality tactical gear to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Professionals. Empowering our clients to do what they do best – protecting our freedoms day in and day out. Today we live up to this mission by providing lightweight, durable and innovative gear catered towards the modern needs of our clients.’ -Ferro Concepts™ Team

So, The Dan-err FC-MEDCP is a superbly constructed Cordura drop pouch, designed to provide a ‘fanny pack’ add-on to your armor carrier. With help from LEO and Military professionals, they have created a lightweight, durable and flexible tool to organize and ensure you always have what you need for the job at hand. The inside of the drop pouch offers a mix of 1.5″ elastic and 3″ loop lining to keep your tools secure. The front of the pouch provides a 4″x4″ loop for callsign patches or attaching chem light holders. The Dangler™ can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into your plate pocket on most carriers. It is compatible with virtually any armor carrier that has loop Velcro on the front and many plate pockets. (Check your carrier for the correct Velcro layout if you wish to use the plate pocket) it’s dimensions measure: 8.5″ x 6″ x 2″

Personally, whilst this will store a variety of items that I require safely stored, and do not require those items to be scattered in and around my person, or for that matter needlessly cluttering my plate carrier or LBE with more pouches (this works great with my LV MBAV and HSP D3 CR, either combined or either as a standalone wear).

However, I envisage this will serve as a great ‘dump pouch’ when either cycling spent secondary mags or conducting admin reloads keeping my hands closely within my work space as opposed to needlessly rotating expended singular magazines to my dump pouch. A more effective interim way of managing magazines. These can, when under hardcover and relatively safety be policed as per your own system …
Special note must be drawn to the expansive Velcro upfront. Sure, you can mount patches, bespoke Chem-light holders etc but it, unlike any other has been correctly heat cut to prevent fraying and is of a truly industrial tactile grade. So too, can be said of the zipper, a substantially luxurious affair, giving the confidence that when laden with your essential valuables this won’t split and send all your kit scattering across the deck.
If you have either the correct Velcro sealing plate insert, or Velcro cummerbund, or even as the D3 has, a Velcro backer which mate correctly with this pouches Velcro attachment leaf, you’d do no better than this innovative design from FerroS23
Find out more on Ferro Concepts here:
Website: http://ferroconcepts.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FerroConcepts/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ferroconcepts

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/


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