Self Bias Resistor – A spotlight on Cobalt’s C02’s new 416D PTW

Self Bias Resistor – A spotlight on Cobalt’s C02’s new 416D PTW

I normally defer to the more informed half of this literary endeavor, The Reptile House, being far more adept and astute when it comes to blasters.

But, whilst he’s busy elsewhere I’ve stepped into the breach (no pun intended) to cross examine Ben, C02 from Cobalt on his recently resurrected CAG inspired 416

This, is imminently due to be given a ‘savage’ paint job, but before he rattles those Krylon can’s, we thought it’d be great to showcase it clean.

DELTA/CAG/ACE themed HK416D build Kitlist below: * = Replica Systema PTW 2012 MAX II Tac Modded Tac Modded New Gen EL-003 Tac Modded New Gen Kumi 490 Motor Tac Modded Systema Hop and Inner barrel HAO Gen 2 HK416D upper* HAO Gen 2 HK416D Lower* HAO HK416D alloy barrel* HAO HK416 Takedown pins* HAO Surefire FH556RC 4 prong flash hider* Geissele Automatics 416 SMR 9.5″ DDC KAC Front Sight KAC 600M Micro Rear Sight KAC Forward Pistol Grip LA5 Surefire M600U Direct mounted + Tac Op LP EoTech EXPS3-3 EoTech G33 + Tac Op LP Hogue Overmoulded Pistol Grip CQD Forward Sling mount CQD Rear Sling plate Magpul Ind. Trigger Gaurd LI-PO Modded Colt Buffer Tube LMT SOPMOD Stock/B5 Bravo SOPMOD Stock Heckler & Koch 416 charging Handle BFG Redi-Mod BFG VCAS sling 7x Systema Steel Stanag mags with Magpuls.

S23: Hey bro, thanks for taking time out to talk is through your new blaster. Now, is this a completely new build from scratch, or a former build given a complete overhaul ?
C02: Hey dude thanks for having me bro. It’s actually my former 416 PTW was which actually ‘bisected’ in the middle due to some crazy accident which we won’t go into (laughs), but it’s back with a vengeance and about thousand times better this time around

S23: Now, the title for this blaster is fairly self explanatory, CAG Inspired, but what research did you compile and how did this influence your choices, with regards to accessories and details ?
C02: Well it’s been an amalgamation of a lot of images (see below images) and reference photos over the years, but a lot of recently acquired images  have helped mould it towards my recent choice of accessories, so I’m guessing we’ve all seen the classic Redi-Mag pictures, I decided to keep the Redi-Mod (Blue Force Gear version) on as I really enjoy using it. Also you’re probably wondering about the KAC VFG as well since I’ve had quite a few questions about that but these three photos should help answer that as well as a clue as to where my paint job may be going.

S23: I’ve noticed you’ve opted almost across the board, for HAO’s receiver kit, take down pins – I’m sure this was an informed choice, but aesthetically, has this give you the desired form ?
C02: I actually opted to swap to the HAO kit instead of having the new SGT kit due to all the good feedback it’s been getting and I can see why it’s absolutely flawless, almost feel bad painting it, but love those rattle cans too much! I also previously had the YHM Extended Takedown down pins, but Tac put me onto the HAO HK pins and I’m glad I went with them.their absolutely gorgeous such a nice addition and I’m one for those little details. Also their new flash hider is amazing, unfortunately my Angry Gun FH556RC Supressor doesn’t fit on it, but no worries there since HAO are bringing their own version out soon! They’ve come so far so that’s probably my reason for using them, like if I didn’t already have the RS Geissele SMR their rail would have been more than good enough since its almost 100% bang on, when I had them side by side, the slight shine on the paint was the only thing that gave it away, but literally only because I had it next to the real thing.
S23: You’ve selected an incredible selection of accessories, I know that these all have a functional relevance. What do you personally look for when selecting accessories, is there ever a compromise for form over function ?
C02: Well to be honest I always look at the accessories that are used, and pick my favourites out of them that will perform best with the way I play and the way I use my Rifle, like I could have gone with an Aimpoint T1/T2 instead of the Eotech for example, but personally I’ve always preferred the holographic option over the red dot and I prefer the larger aperture on the Eotech. Also the laser/light switching setup is optimised for how I play and works ambidextrously since I like to switch shoulders a lot (if you saw our last Strikeforce video with Diablo last May).

So yeah I’d say it’s always about function, looking good only gets you so far, like you can see with the placement of my peq and light etc I like to keep all of the splash from my light and laser off my gun since it may be that one thing that gives me away.

S23: Now, I managed to get a hold of you before you attack it with Krylon, what can you tell us about potential color ways and patterns ?
C02: It’s going to be based on the above three recent images which are pretty reliably confirmed to be CAG operators (could be wrong but no one has said otherwise yet) but yeah I would have liked to have gotten all tan accessories but black suits me just fine. But yea it’ll probably be based on a base coat of Humbrol Dark Brown #29 (which is almost bang on with FDE/Coyote brown) but my version of the paint job will involve a bit more patterning, it may involve some green but looking at all the new media will probably involve more brown and tan.

S23: Right, we’ll leave you in peace, but – we’ve gotta ask, our trademark question, I’m a fan of real steel ammo counts, is this viable or is putting down as much ‘plastic’ as possible with ‘Hi-Cap’ hell the only way forward ?

C02: To be fair in CQB and possibly urban I think the ranges and behavior of the guns would make 30rd limits amazing, it wold suit me perfectly, nothing better than pulling off a flawless reload, but when the ranges start moving out, especially in rural even in urban, i just think the guns aren’t powerful enough and the projectiles aren’t heavy enough to hit people 4-500 yards away like an actual Assault Rifle could, so you end up shooting more than you normally would just to try and hit people at range, that’s why I’d probably stay with Mid caps around 90-100 rounds at ranges like that.

Be sure to head on over to C02’s IG account to see the video of his 416 getting that paint job …

Huge thanks to C02 for the inside scoop, catch up with him and the rest of Cobalt here:



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