War Ensemble – Airsoft Internationals Ai500 Op Lockdown at HMP Blundeston October 22nd – 24th

War Ensemble – Airsoft Internationals Ai500 Op Lockdown at HMP Blundeston October 22nd – 24th

For the sixth time out I’ve had the honor and privilege to lead Task Force Viper out for Airsoft Internationals Ai500 series.

A truly stunning showcase of ‘Plastic Deth‘ (Airsoft) at its very best, no better exemplified than at this penultimate episode held at former prison HMP Blundeston.

Just short of 170 players descended on the Prison over the weekend of October 22nd – 24th, two wage battle for supremacy in around around the sprawling complex. Providing some of the most up close and personal CQB I’ve seen to date, this was a huge departure from previous games more open and expansive locales previously used to host the Ai500.

My plucky band of Plastic Deth Heroes, Task Force Viper
**Task Force Viper Scenario**
Following on from the brutal onslaught at the Titan Research Facility, TF Viper managed to escape battered and bruised but with a mysterious, high yield explosive device. 

After extracting back to a secure facility, TF Viper had attempted to activate the weapon and bring it to bear against their mortal enemies. Despite torturous efforts and many failed attempts the Vipers could not synthesise the gene-coding required in order to activate the detonation sequences. 

For that they needed the mastermind behind its creation, the OpFor’s commanders DNA. Still not fully recovered and reinforced from the brutal warfare earlier in the year, TF Viper simply could not muster the strength for an all-out raid on their foes but they might just be in luck … 
Intelligence forces had picked up on spy drones operated by enemey forces circling the area and long range scans indicated that a raiding party had been assembled and was readying to launch an attack on the Prison Incarceration Centre that the Viper’s had stored the weapon in. 
If Viper couldn’t muster an attack, just maybe they would be lucky enough to lure the enemy force into their trap. The plan would be simple … 
Thwart the attackers, hold the lines and capture as many fighters DNA as possible in the hope that one of them might carry the right genetic lineage to unlock their stolen weapon …

After the obligatory comprehensive safety brief on Saturday morning, I and my 2nd in Command led our plucky band of heroes to our ‘departure line’.
After a short brief, from my self, the Task Force was divided amongst four call signs, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta

Additionally, a fifth unofficial team acting as a QRF was comprised from The Centurions.

All four callsigns were quickly dispatched to the four corners of the complex, to capture and defend the four main blocks of which the Prison comprised.

, came under immediate heavy fire, as did Bravo who initially held the top two blocking positions. Delta was moved up as was Charlie to further reinforce our lines, putting the brakes on the OpFor’s advance.

Callsigns Bravo and Delta fight for the contested G Wing …

It’s  here our comm’s system really came into play, with each Call Sign Sub Commander, or elected Callsigns RTO relaying in succinct real time updates from the battlefield. This allowed me to move and reposition Call Signs or call in our QRF with ease …

Mid morning saw the OpFor’s first objective released, to secure and deploy their 20 minute timed explosives, here, to destroy ‘G Wing‘. 

Over the next two hours often down to the last man, until reinforcements arrived Delta and Bravo held off invaders right up until the days first ceasefire (lunch break) thus thwarting their unsuccessful attempts to destroy this strategically held objective. 

Alpha and Charlie had been equally as busy harassing the OpFor’s MSR (Main Supply Route) and their initial attempts explore and gain a foot hold in the Segregation Block

The Centurions return with a stash of DNA and HVT cards …

Fierce fighting was waged along the intersecting corridor all weekend, as this was a strategically important vantage point for movement of troops.
Post ‘Meal Relief’ the Task Force was again briefed and redeployed, from the off, heavy fighting was seen in and around the Segregation Block

… Luke F – Callsign Charlie Sub Commander

Defending its interior, and perimeter both Bravo and Charlie tenaciously fought on right through the afternoon. So fiercely contested, radio for support saw both Alpha, Delta and the QRF, The Centurions frequently sent into the fight to hold off the OpFor

The Rejected Lens represent – DJ Richie Cee …
Whilst fiercely contested this waged on though the afternoon, climaxing in an exterior fire fight which saw the Vipers repel the OpFor right across the AO before calling Endex.

CQB Chaos …
Whilst the majority of my time was spend fielding radio reports, moving and plotting troop movements over the map. 

When not fielding questions, directions and briefing out commands and objectives I managed to get out on the front lines, in particular the fiercely inter connecting cross way between the main two blocks. Fighting here was CQB at its truly fiercest.

Ben D – TF Second in Command
Leading the charge and if only for a short while, getting in the thick of the action with the Task Force gave me the opportunity to see why everyone was having so much fun.

… so with the first day complete, and opportunity was taken to get admin done over some good food, a beer and enjoy the raffle in company of both teams.

Day two saw us up early, refreshed and ready to go, invigorated by the previous days full tilt action.

The OpFor had ‘tunneled’ into two locations and from the off, to stop the delivery of explosives to these enemy positions we immediately were in the thick of action. Again battle was waged on a further front as a beleaguered Bravo and Delta held off the OpFor over the strategically contested Segregation Block

As both sides tore back and forth across the site, the pressure was palpable and as such the Task Force really ratcheted up their efforts to hold off a now desperate OpFor. The grounds where awash with smoke and all around the site echoed with bangs and small arms fire …

A brief cease fire was again called, using the opportunity here to rearm,  of hydrate and eat – we prepped for the final showdown …

The final phase saw myself under escort, by Alpha to the ‘Medical Facility‘. Here to have ‘fatal injuries’ sustained in battle treated.

The Task Forces objective was to now rescue their fallen leader, and return me safely beyond the clutches of enemy lines.

That didn’t quite happen, so after the allotted time armed with a fresh magazine and clutcful  of grenades I undertook my own Exfil and fought my safely back to our command HQ.

For the final hour open warfare raged on relentlessly in and around the detention complex, this saw both factions deadlocked in an unbreakable strangle hold right up until Endex was called.

… EndEx …

The results are are in, and as such it’s been unanimously decided by the events organizers to call it a closely contested draw.

Overall we obtained over 160 of the 200 DNA cards from OpFor KIA’s and captured a further 14 out of the 20 HVT DNA cards available…
Nonetheless, I couldn’t been prouder of the outstanding efforts of all four callsigns and the QRF. It was a truly memorable and explosive event, packed with professional sportsmanship and team work, a truly incredible turn from Task Force Viper. Huge thanks to Ben Webb and all the marshals. Ben D, an extraordinary second in command. TACT Belgium and Alpha. Mikey and Bravo, Luke, OpFor and Charlie. Carlo and the Delta boys, and last but not least, Dave and Echo QRF The Centurions. – S23

Keep up to date with Airsoft International here: https://www.facebook.com/airsoftint/

And find out more on the Ai500 here: https://www.facebook.com/Ai500-148728415210679/

Additional Photography Courtesy of Elliot Knot: http://elliotknottphotographic.com/ai-500-lockdown/
S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/


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