Against the Grain – Rogue Printing Company spotlight 

Against the Grain – Rogue Printing Company spotlight

As we’ve been occasionally predisposed to do, we depart from our somewhat usual fare to showcase cult counter culture desperadoes, Rogue Print Company.

… Demogorgon …

Here we take a little time out to showcase what they do, the ethos behind it all, and what’s in store for the future. Without further ado let’s go behind the scenes to find out about their lo-brow know how …

… Nights Watch Oath …
S23: Thanks, and welcome aboard to sit down with us for a few questions. I’m already a fan of your graphic design, and arguably its sits admirably alongside the new wave of pop culture artists leading the way right now. What can you tell us about your design and art backgrounds ?

RPC:  Um, thanks, I have worked with some incredible artists, so you might be attributing more to me than I deserve. But I appreciate the sentiment for sure. I learnt to Screen Print back at University, I’d always been drawn to printmaking for whatever reason, but I could see all the practical applications of Screen Printing, and it was the first time that I could see a career in art. Maybe, because it lined up with my love of T-shirts? I don’t know, but when I was much younger, I’d always buy band shirts at gigs. I had loads of them …

Chillin’ – Becky Cloonan

S23: How’d this all transpire into the creation of Rogue Print, part creative outlet or shrewd business acumen to bring your incredible designs to the masses ?

: Right, Rogue Screen Print is essentially two different things, firstly I print for hire, so I work with some bands and small businesses on merchandise and uniform. Which is great, but depending on the customer it may or may not be very creative, or at least ‘rewarding’ in that sense. But I set up this business, and then I’m just sat there waiting for people to get in touch right? which, being brand new, could take a while. So rather than just sitting around waiting for jobs to come in we decided to set up an online store and print up some tees. We really wanted to focus on the quality of the end product. So we found an awesome fair-trade garment supplier, and top of the line inks. Gradually I started reaching out to artists I like, to see if they would be interested in putting something out. So that side of things is just slowly growing with each new artist.
Bat – err … Spider – …
S23: Now, I know your a two man operation, but you also collaborate with other artists. Is this an opportunity to give them an outlet or do you have intentions to expand the collective ?

Shaky Kane – A Men …

RPC: Right, cool, I mean in a lot of ways this is a one man operation, but I hear what you’re saying. The second guy you’re referring to is Ben Dickie, who’s been a friend of mine long before I started slinging tees, and he’s a super talented graphic designer. So, I don’t think the studio was even set up before he’d designed us a logo, and stuff like that. I mean he’s one of my best mates, and he’s been a huge part of Rogue since day one, its always felt really organic. 

S23: I’m lucky enough to have your Spidey/Batman patch. This is an incredible piece blending, obviously the ubiquitous Batman symbol, and older style font but naturally name checking our favorite web head. Now, such humorous irony is by no means lost on me, but it’s also a striking piece of design work, stunning its simplicity. What can you tell us about this piece ?

: So a while back now, Ben sent me a flash sheet with a bunch of ideas on it, and this one was just tucked away in a corner pretty small, and I just laughed my ass off at it immediately. I mean, it is so stupid. But this is what I’m talking about, in the same way that any friends try and make each other laugh, Ben just sends me the dumbest stuff and sometimes it clicks. This was one of those times. We thought it would make a great shirt and its been super popular, so yeah. I always get grief from people about Spider-man’s missing hyphen, and I kinda shot myself in the foot there, because that was part of the joke, and i loved the idea of all those guys who run around correcting everyones grammar getting super annoyed by it. Which they do, but they all come running to me like they’re the first person who spotted it, and they just can’t wait to put me right. Serves me right for trolling people I guess.

Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) – Riley Rossmo …

S23: So, your off to Thought Bubble in Leeds, what can fans expect to see at your table, and what are you looking forward to checking out ?

: Yeah man, can’t wait, we’re just bringing everything. Anything that’s in the shop with be squeezed onto that table and I’m doing a shirt with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, and another with Becky Cloonan exclusively for the show. So that’ll be awesome. I’m really excited to see Mike Mignola, i’ve got a ton of art to grab from Warwick, and theres a bunch more artists and books i want to pick up. But i’m always looking forward to discovering stuff too.

… be sure to stop by RPC’s at Thought Bubble …

S23: Awesome stuff, right, we’ll let you get back to work – but just before you go, any special message for your growing legion of fans ?

: Ha! I just want to say a massive thank you to all 3 of you. 
– You can check out more from Rogue Print Company here at their store:
Or check out much of their work and behind the scene here on Instagram:
… and Facebook:

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