PIG FDT – DELTA Multicam Gloves

PIG FDT – DELTA Multicam Gloves

I’d been aware of Patrol Incident Gears (PIG) gloves for some while now, and despite applause from friends who’d endlessly extolled their virtues, I’d relegated them to the bottom of the ‘gear list’.

Already available in several versions including  a blue/slate grey or coyote brown color way, I’d otherwise overlooked this innovative glove, in favor of three over brands in my inventory, naturally including the obligatory favorite, a pair of sage green ‘Nomex‘ pilot gloves.

Well, as recent as this Friday, Tactical Kit announced they’d taken stock of the latest model, in Multicam.

I’ve a soft spot for authentic licensed Multicam products, based on PIG’s reputation, I was compelled to pick up a pair.
Huge thanks to Tactical Kit, as always great comm’s and a timely delivery. Ordered on the Friday and arrived bright and early with Tuesday’s post.

First impressions, in hand, and not worn, the materials feel great, without a stitch or seam out of place. As expected, the washed greens, ochre and brown mottled Pantone’s all too familiar from the renowned Multicam pattern are eye pleasingly present on the Gloves upper. This is further complimented sand hypalon stencil of PIG’s logo extending from the cuff to just in front of the knuckle.

Whilst I’m not a fan of overly logo’d products, the card provided explains that this is to ensure each glove is unapologetically p**k infused !!!
The short cuff, is somewhat of an oddity as traditionally all preceding gloves I have used are slightly longer, it personally gave me the feeling their cut short, although this is clearly not the case, function over form here, clearly wins.

The loop on the cuff makes for an easy fit, and easy storage and/or carry from a grim lock or carabineer. 

The trigger finger on each glove features an ultra thin synthetic suede, thus minimizing the restriction of tactile sense and allow ease of operation, obviously in this instance, shooting. The tailored fourchettes at the end of each finger give an unsurpassed fit, and as expected the obligatory touch screen sensitivity allows you to not only shoot, move but communicate on your smart device without removal.

The single layer palm, whilst I’m not overly keen on it’s gaudy, almost orange color is great for grip and again doesn’t prohibit tactile sense. This is further accentuated with silicone grip printing on the fingers and thumb to enhance and assist a sure shot hold when shooting, particularly when wet.

I’m sure with a little use and wear, and sweat will overcome the rich overly warm colored palms, but already, I’m an otherwise a big fan of PIG’s ‘Full Dexterity Tactical’ glove. It’s already in the kit bag, ready for the next outing, but I’ll happily take these out for general purpose use as a utility glove or out trekking or just holding a hot cup of coffee on a cold frosty early morning – S23

Features include:

Full touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb

Fold-over finger construction to eliminate fingertip discomfort

Single-layer palm for tactile sensitivity

Bar-tacked paracord pull loop

Silicon printed grip on the palm

Elastic wrist for quick don and doff sequence

Genuine Multicam™ printed 3D mesh material

PIG FDT – DELTA Multicam Gloves available from Tactical Kit here: http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/pig-fdt-delta-multicam-utility-glove-23658-p.asp

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