My Own Way – RDX Tactical Spotlight Reviews 

My Own Way – RDX Tactical Spotlight Reviews 

Shy, retiring, too modest – hmmm, possibly not quite … but, when young entrepreneur Adriano from South Eastern based RDX Tactical got in touch, generously offering a care package, I was naturally flattered, but apprehensive too.
Let me explain why, endorsements of any kind, to put it politely always run the risk of being somewhat politically loaded. I’d be crestfallen to perhaps not offer glowing praise, or give an objective view on what they do or how they stand up to the plethora of tried and tested gears I’ve amassed, all out of my own pocket I hasten to add. I find it hard to credibly endorse kit I’ve not earnt, paid for and subsequently used and abused.

However, here’s the catch – a phone call between I and Antonio from RDX, had me not only intrigued but enthused to put pen to paper.
Adriano explained whilst they carry a considerable range of gears, predominantly focusing on affordable, practicable yet reliable no thrills, or is that ‘frills’ – all the way up to mid range and high end gears, they all have one commonality.
They must meet his very own exacting standard, based on nearly a decade long career playing the hobby, and within the industry. It was the brainchild of both him and his partner to start RDX Tactical, to offering the budding enthusiast, just starting out through to the mid and upper tier experienced players, reliable and quality yet wallet friendly gears.
Aside from some cool, fun novelty items, which we’ll be putting to good use at the end of the interview (be sure to read on) three items in particularly really caught my eye, and I’ll be giving each of these an overview.

RDX Lightweight Chest Rig

Whilst I may of passed over this in favor of any one other option, based purely on attributable accessories, configurations and modularity, it’s here I may of missed a trick.

I recall when I first started out playing ‘Plastic Deth‘ – I was hellbent on building a load out before I’d even set foot on any skirmish field. In hindsight, had I not obsessively fallen in love with the past time this would of been a costly mistake f’sure …

So, with both the novice and the experienced in mind – this great little rig had me intrigued. At an entry level, perhaps with your first Blaster and a few Mags, and have already eaten your disposable income up, you’ll be looking at something to get you started.
Economical or not, this, whilst a simple affair is rugged and surely to endure years and years of abuse. I gave the webbing, bar tacked MOLLE and buckles some serious abuse, it’s really bomb proof. In fact, putting certain other ‘reputable’ brands to shame even …
Now, perhaps the more capably experienced, veteran player may sniff at such a simple affair – admittedly, I was of the same mindset.

But, ever attended either a short evening game, or all but packed up your gear yet perhaps wanted to go back out for an hour two. Or, on the other side of the coin, playing an immersive patrol scenario or a reconnaissance driven tasking needing only a few magazines …
This is what certainly piqued my imagination, as did the option of when also using some of my more comprehensive gears, this can be pulled from a day sack as bandolier of spare ammunition.

RDX Tactical are already looking at making a few tweaks, essentially an upgrade to the buckles, whilst standardized variants are used on this model, they are looking to use ITW NEXUS buckles to provide back compatibility with plate carriers. This, whilst in retrospect, in hindsight is a great idea, it shows as a distributor they too, expect the very best from their gear and so should you.

Not stopping there, it has rear Velcro opening, a utility pocket for small items, pens, maps or if you prefer to carry a little more fire power an additional kangaroo pouch for more magazines.

This is donned and doffed using a very simple, and adjustable cross harness comprised from one inch Cordura webbing, which neither slips of slackens off when worn, something which has incessantly bugged me with particular high option …

Solid MOLLE, evenly bar tacked with MilSpec stitching, ideal for the attachment of smaller pouches, say,  for pistol mags or flash bangs is an expected industry standard, yet not often seen as well done here, or  at this great affordable price.

More importantly, it holds four STANAG magazines, or AK variants comfortably – with sufficient tightness to prevent accidental loss. Further security comes from Cordura rentention tabs attached by good quality bungee shock cord. 

I’m considering this could be enhanced by upgrading with Kydex inserts.

So, rather proudly this is now in gear locker and undoubtedly – due to its compact size will be in the kit bag each and every time. Yet again, these are being offered out from RDX Tactical at a competitive price not seen elsewhere.
Multi Wrap ‘Neck Gaiter’

Next up is quite possibly the one piece of kit I always have to hand, the venerable tubular ‘stretch’ Multi Wrap – or a I prefer, a neck gaiter.

Whilst these have a multi of uses, regardless of the weather, hot or cold – these are great, soaking up sweat or keeping off the chill and offering a modicum of respite from the sting of ‘Plastic Deth‘. 
Easily optioned as neckerchief, headband, balaclava, scarf, or dust cover and much, much more – can even be knotted at one end to gather up items when moving off in the hurry.
Here, in a Shemagh print, also offered in two skull prints by MilSpec Monkey no less, these are, I’d argue, a must for any player. 

I was thrilled to see this particular print sent over by RDX as I’d lost one a few months back.
Paracord ‘Leash’

Aptly named by me, for want of it’s correct nomenclature, as I couldn’t spot it on the webstore. Undoubtedly made, from genuine MilSpec Paracord , tightly and evenly interwoven to form a loop at either end. 

As you can see, I’ve already tied off both ends and sealed with heat shrunk electrical tubing. This, is a great idea for either hanging kit in the field, lashing sleeping gear in a hurry, as weapons catch when slung at the carry, or even as the obligatory retention lanyard, keys etc … 
It’s a nice bit of well made ingenuity only limited by your imagination, and is already in my day sack, serving as an interim carry handle on my IFAK – ready for use as and when needed.

So, head on over and have a look at what RDX Tactical has on offer, at the very least keep an eye out for them as they’ve so much more planned for 2017S23


To mark our first post of 2017 we are running a small competition to win a ball cap from RDX Tactical, a double set of our sticker sets, a couple of issues of Airsoft International (which features exclusive S23 content). I’ll also see what other treasure I’ve knocking around the gear locker …

To enter just post your best action shot on RDX Tactical’s Facebook page, on the link of this blog they’ve shared on their page. Tag the photo #S23RDX. The best one (Adriano and I’ll pick one) will win, don’t forget to click like on the RDX FB page (link below) – draw will be on the 31st of January, so plenty of time to get out and get some shots of all your new tactical gear.



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