Over the Edge – Mountain Hardwear Stimulus Glove review 

Over the Edge – Mountain Hardwear Stimulus Glove review

It appears I have a predilection towards gloves, tactical enhancer, personal protective equipment, keep hands warm, who knows – it could be just an affection back to the nice woolen gloves I wore walking to school on any given frosty morning …

That said, until I got involved in ‘Plastic Deth‘ I’d overtly dismissed gloves of any form for many years. 

Initially after powering through many a pair of Nomex CWU ‘Flight Gloves‘ – having had a brief dalliance with Oakley’s SI Assault gloves, although I found their tactile grip torquing the pistol grip in my hand and off setting my site picture. I’d been since thereafter on quest to explore what other iterations are out there that best meet a variety of tasks or roles.

Late last year, we turned in a short piece on PIG’s FDT gloves, already put through their paces at work, giving them a real work out in some foul and dirty conditions really cemented that they can, stand up to some abuse. However, ultimately they are designed in my mind for more direct action scenarios. Specifically when manipulating weaponary.

I’d hasten to add, at this juncture, that my pair of Mechanix probably some four – five years old are still going strong and see regular use – everything from tearing it up in the field to DIY. 

So, rather than have one pair or another supersede each other – I’ve developed a collection of gloves, with perhaps specific tasks or roles in mind.

So, the next entry here is Mountain Hardwear’sStimulus‘ glove. 

Manufactured here, in charcoal black PolartecPower Stretch‘ across the back of the hand to retain warmth, the palm is made from a conductive fleece – allowing full use of fingers and thumbs when using touch screen smart technology. 

The manufacturers refer to the palm material specifically, named as ‘Stimulus‘ as using conductive polymer, and as quite correctly stated flawlessly intergrates touch screen compatibility into the very glove.

Refered to as ‘screen print‘ – what appears to be a silicone textured pattern, offers a secure grip when either holding phone or tablet, even when the glove is wet. 

Fit, on even my oversized hands is comfortable with no loss of detexterity – the stretch way upper provides a snug fit, with no excess material to snag of catch, and amply covers up and over the wrist around the cuff.

Both gloves are fitted with a loop, attached are to triangular ringlets, which can be connected together with the OEM supplied clip for stowage and thus preventing loss or separation when packed in your day sack. It’s a nice detail, and a credible testament to Mountain Hardwear’s reputation of quality and design. I may yet remove the ringlets if the needlessly get snagged …

Of course this is all topped off with their very cool ‘nut’ logo just above the knuckle area on each glove, clearly and distinctively embroidered it gives this instance a real nice finishing touch to what is essentially a great bit of kit.

So, as fortune would have an evening spent at work, in frozen and bitingly cold winds, minus degrees no less saw the gloves keep not only my hands warm, but in combination with other cold weather gear kept warm. Better yet, testing them on touch screen equipment I could easily type emails, update systems and manipulate the screen between menus with ease, even when the screen was splattered with rain droplets. 

Again whilst lost, they too had another road test in truly torrential rain, which in current temperatures was bitterly, and icy cold. My hands again where kept warm, and allowed despite the rain to use my map on my phone to reorientate myself. One hot coffee later, and the gloves drying off in my cargo pocket of my pants and they were good to go again.

A word to the wise, those manipulating ordinance or pyrotechnics in the field, these are flame resistant – equally, I’d be mindful when cooking the field too if wearing these gloves, and anyway – their far too nice to melt – S23

 You can find out more on Mountain Hardwear here: http://www.mountainhardwear.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mountainhardwear/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mountainhardwear

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