Fire and Ice – Adventure Tech Reversible Goretex Camouflage Jacket review

Fire and Ice – Adventure Tech Reversible Goretex Camouflage Jacket review

So, third blog in, three days no less into the New Year – I thought I’d capitalize on the recent dreadful down turn in the weather.

Despite a very mild Autumn, and even more, almost humid winter thus far. Suddenly, the temperatures have plummeted, frost has covered the land and here, in the UK we’ve been gripped by icy cold torrential rain and howling winds.

Fortunately, only two months before the holidays, I scored a brand new DCU (Desert Camouflage Uniform) reversible Night Camo Goretex jacket by Adventure Tech.

Like many of my contemporaries, I couldn’t find one at either a resonable price, in my size or in serviceable condition – it was surely no easy feat.

Price, availability, had made these far beyond elusive until fate struck, and as fortune would have it, due to being too big was procured at a truly bargain price – brand new no less.

On day of arrival, under very heavy rain, it’s value was immediately proven – virtually impenetrable by even the heaviest down pour on a several mile walk into my local village for coffee, was a truly grin inducing experience.

So, when coupled with a reputable fleece or even as today proved, a micro fleece lined crew neck jumper. This jacket is incomparable against any of its contemporaries, proving again, that no matter how heavy the rain, or wind, it’s the undisputed heavyweight.

It will keep going too, how – well, it’s this easy. A quick wash on a low temperature without any detergents, will release residual dirt and grime, which will otherwise eventually impede its resistance to rain. Once washed, all that needs to be done is a short low tumble dry, naturally reactivating the Goretex’s natural moisture resistance. You are now ready to wage war against the elements once more, confident the jacket will keep you dry.

Mythical properties of protection aside. The jacket has several features, which I’ll overview here.

The hood is a generously sized fitted affair, which when folded down provides a generous collar, protecting the neck from wind and cold. This is loosened or tightened with two adjusters either end of the bungee shock cord running through the hood.

This can be further rolled down using the Velcro tab. Both cuffs for that matter too, can be opened up of cinched close using the Velcro closures, these are all mirrored on the reversible pattern. So, the jacket retains functionality regarding pattern of choice …

I’ve looped these, and further protected with electrical heat shrunk tubing. It’s tidy and an effective way of preventing needless snags and wear and tear.

The jacket is served by two generous zipped lower torso pockets, and one interior chest pocket. All of which are seamed at the opening to prevent ingress of water, and secured by YKK zippers for additional security.

Externally the jackets patterning is the inimitable DCU camouflage, but as required, or desired, it can be reversed and used with the Night Vision disruptive pattern. This pattern was  from an inception to disrupt and defeat early EasternBloc Gen I Night Vision capability.

How effective it is against today’s technology, is anybody’s guess, but there’s no denying it’s cool guy factor, and looks aesthetically very cool when combined with today’s modern camouflage patterns and color ways.

So, again with the AKU ‘Pilgrim’ GTX mid boots, and MountainHardwear gloves (as reviewed earlier) – whilst lost and amongst the elements these three elements alone kept me warm, dry and comfortable.

Ironically, I was on the phone at the time talking kit and gear to MikeZeroNine no less. It gave me a wry smile, as rain drenched the surrounding countryside – I marched on purposefully without a care in the world idly chatting away, drinking my ‘popcorn’ coffee. It’s a great jacket, and I’m aware, as rare as these are, they are available in a variety of patterns and deserve to be in any adventurers   day sack – S23

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