Becoming – an interview with Japan’s Bambooty37

Becoming – an interview with Japan’s Bambooty37

To quote the late great guitarist from Pantera – my mind was ‘Pre Blown’ …

What an earth am I talking about, well like Dimebag himself, he too had his own vocabulary – anyhow, this was my reaction to a set of photos I stumbled upon by JapansBambooty37‘ – I’m not sure, if like Dimebag, that too has been lost in translation.

I digress, Bambooty, better known as Takasi Yamauchi over on Instagram has released over the duration of several months a series of photos of him and his fellow teammates collectively representing US Special OperationCommando’s from MARSOC.

What caught my eye, was that these, whilst either works in progress or perhaps not entirely screen accurate really captured the essence of this particular unit.

Let’s sit down with Bambooty 37 to find out more.

: 先生、私たちと話をするために来てくれてありがとう。これは、私たちが日本からの誰かにインタビューした初めてのことです。おそらくこれは多くの場合、Airsoftの精神的な家です。
(Sir, thank you for coming on board to talk with us. This is the first time we’ve interviewed anyone from Japan, perhaps for many this is the spiritual home of Airsoft.
Tell us a little about how long you’ve been playing and how you got started playing Airsoft ?)

: このようなインタビューを受ける事が出来て僕は光栄に思います。



但し、airsoftを始めてからmarsocと言うアメリカの特殊部隊を知りました。(I am honored to be able to take such an interview.

It’s about four years since I started playing Airsoft.

There was no real particular reason for starting, but I’ve liked firearms and militaria since my early childhood.

However, since I started Airsoft I’ve learnt a lot about American special forces, specifically MARSOC.

: 今、あなたとあなたのチームメイトの素晴らしい写真をいくつか公開しました。素晴らしい印象です。負荷はMARSOCの精神をはっきりと引き出します。なぜあなたはこの特定のユニットを選んだのですか?(Now, you’ve released some great photos of you and your team mates. It’s a great impression, the load outs strikingly capture the spirit of MARSOC. Why did you choose this particular unit ?)


marsocと言う特殊部隊は私がイメージしている兵士そのものだと思っています。(Thank you! ︎

In the case of here, re enacting MARSOC, it’s a really special, cool unit – here I’m trying to re imagine that unit and their gears.)

: あなたは最近、巨大な日本のイベントハートロックに参加しました – これについて私たちに何を教えてください、それは大きな評判を持ち、世界中に続いていますか?(You recently attended the huge Japanese event Heart Rock – what can you tell us about this, it has a huge reputation and is followed globally ?)




この素晴らしい体験が出来た事を誇りに思っています。( Yes,

I and the team recently participated in that event.

I think that before I started playing Airsoft I didn’t comprehend or know that combat could be recreated as a simulated experience.

I am proud that I and the team have had the opportunity to experience this side of realistic Airsoft.

: 使用しているギアについて話し合ってください。変更したい、あるいはそれを完成または改善する必要があるものもありますか?(Talk to us about the gears your using, is there also things that wish to change or still need to get to bring it to completion or improvement ?)



marsocのギアは簡単ではありません。(I do not think there’s anything in particular, but if I was to say only one thing, I’m all about studying and researching the gear they use.

My gears are not 100% complete,as the  MARSOC gear is not always easy to get a hold of.)

:  あなたは非常にタイトな編成グループのように見えますが、日本の選手にとってコミュニティの側面は重要ですか?(I’ve noticed that you seem like a very tight knit group of players, is the community aspect important to Japanese players ?)

: コミュニティは重要だと思います。

私の友人は日本各地にいますのでイベントがある時に集まります。(I think the community is very important.

My friends are in various places in Japan and gathering together only when there is an event.)

S23: ここでは、誰もが常に研究負荷に関心を持っているわけではありませんが、日本の細部への注意は信じられないほどです。現実的なロードアウトは日本ではまだ普及していますか?(Over here, not everyone is always overly concerned with doing researched load out, however the attention to detail in Japan is incredible. Are realistic load outs still popular in Japan ?)

: (Laughs) 勿論です!

( … of course!)

: ギアを集め、何年もの間にキットを作るのはとても楽しいですか?(What makes collecting gears, building kits after all these years so much fun ?)

: どうでしょうか?

私に分かりませんが私の周りの人達は皆、勉強熱心です。(Really, who’d of thought that?

I do not understand why, but everyone around me, here in Japan is very keen to study.)

: 日本のAirsoftのシーンは、世界中で賞賛され、Airsoftはまだ日本で人気がありますか?(The JapaneseAirsoft scene is admired by the world over, is Airsoft still as popular in Japan ?)

: 日本でairsoftは人気があります。(Airsoft is still very popular in Japan.)

: 私たちが話をする前に、私たちと話をする時間を取ってくれてありがとう、私が常に尋ねたい(商標のような)義務的な最後の質問です。私は30回丸1回のファンです。これについての考えは、おそらく大衆に受け入れられればこれを新しいものから新鮮なものに変えることができますか?(A huge thank you for taking the time out to talk with us, before we let you go – obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses?)

: 私は実際の弾薬の数は素晴らしいアイデアだと思うが、Airsoftの限定された範囲のためにAirsoftの分野に実際に翻訳することはできないし、それが100%確実に正確ではないので – しかし、私はそれが良いアイデアと技術だと思うそれが改善するにつれて、これはもっと実現可能な現実になるでしょう。


大変、貴重な経験が出来た事に感謝します。(I think whilst real ammunition counts are a great idea, they can’t really translate to the Airsoft field due to the limited range of Airsoft , and also because it’s not 100% reliably accurate – but, I do think it’s a good idea and technology as it improves will make this a more feasible reality.

Please let me say thank you too.

Thank you very much for having a valuable experience.

我々は、Bambooty37、日本の数多くの信じられないほどのMilSim再制定とMilSim選手の1人をインタビューすることに名誉を持っていました。多くの点で、効果と文化的な違いのための手段や実験ではありませんが、静かで頑固な静かな熟考と予約された日本の自然は、われわれ自身の冗長で大きな誇張された誇張とは逆ですが、情熱、ギヤ、ブラスター、Plastic Deth(Airsoft)は同じです – S23を楽しむ

(We’ve had the honor to interview Bambooty37, one of Japan’s many and incredible MilSim re enactment and MilSim players. In many respects, whilst by no means and experiment for effect, cultural differences, the stoic and stalwart quiet contemplation and reserved Japanese nature is conversely different to our own verbose, loud, brash hyperbole – but the passion, sense of community and obsession with cool gears, blasters and PlasticDeth (Airsoft) is very much the same – enjoy )

A huge thank you to Bambooty for taking the time out to talk with us, to follow his incredible MARSOC gears and MilSim adventures head on over and check his photos on InstagramS23


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