In The Meantime Pt.II – Dragon Red Ops Core Redux

In The Meantime Pt. II – Dragon Red Ops Core Redux

… I’m sure I could be better else employed on a Friday evening, drinking a cold beer, reading the huge pile of books I’ve gotta catch up on – nah, I thought I’d resurrect this old Dragon Red Op’s Core that had actually been left to fester in the gear locker (quite literally). 

The interior head band required a little repair, simply glueing the suede covering that lines the retention system, undoubtedly worn from sweat and heat. The chin strap was almost written off, but thankfully, laundering in a wash bag brought it back to life. All bolts and retaining screws where, brushed free of dirt and rust. Re sprayed and then re installed with Loctite. A quick coate of silicone spray to ensure these don’t rust, and it was all starting to look a little healthier.

Well, after some disassembly, cleaned and minor repair – I decided to install an old pair of TRIPeltor Comtac III’s‘ that just don’t really want to work, they still noise cancel but would appear to have decided to develop somewhat of an ‘impedance’ issue … 

… they got chopped up and dropped up on here. Strobe required a little clean and a fresh battery, but otherwise this is good to go and actually gives a really good eye relief for the ACTinBlack Lunox. That aside, some heavier counterweights, or more counterweights are going to be needed just to pull the helmet back a little bit, if only to give a slightly more natural view when using the NVG’s.

Whilst I may yet upgrade to yet another high variant of the Ops Core, and return to using an L4G24 Wilcox mount that’s sitting dormant, dependent on sourcing a correct, yet elusive J Arm to fit …

There was a huge temptation to sand, and re spray the helmet, but, the patina, wear and tear reflected perhaps time well spent out in the field. I can still recall where a few of the scratches and marks had been collected. I had a spare set of replacement Velcro, but again, a fresh set would probably alter its character and charm and decided for the better to leave the worn and stained pieces in place. This, in the interim will be a welcome alternative to my popularized Airframe.

Originally purchased at the height of my former teams pursuit of upgrading our then chosen load outs, based on the 75th Ranger Bn, it got temporarily sidelined when up grading gears to more current gears which I field today.

That said, a recent skirmish out at my old home site, part exploration for review purposes for an upcoming Airsoft International article, got me thinking. 

The somewhat more stripped back gears I fielded that very day, would of been perhaps better served, or rather, complimented by this helmet …

I think this’ll get brought out for CQB games when using my fist mic … S23

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