Dirty Black Summer – GSI Java Mill and Aerobie Aeropress Spotlight

Dirty Black Summer – GSI Java Mill and Aerobie Aeropress Spotlight

A few months back I finally, boy was a late to the party, got involved and picked a Jetboil FCSC Flash Cooking System – Carbon.

Naturally with genuine Multicam cozy, with heat changing indicator and FDE housing on the proprietary stainless steel burner.

Naturally, I’m sure your aware The when assembled with the burner heats boiling water in under a minute, the Flux Ring 1.0 liter Cooking Cup be naturally, very conductive to heat. That aside, that’s all been admirably covered elsewhere. Needless to say this should, or rather be in your kit bag regardless …

Now, the brief here today is I’ve extensively made no end of high end cups of coffee, but aside from water and a coffee mug you’ll need a few extra bits of kit.

Now before I deluge you with reviews of either the Aerobie Aeropress or the GSI Java Mill aka ‘Java Grinder‘ – I’ll explain my mindset. You could quite naturally reduce load bearing weight, and space. Optioning for either pre ground coffee, or instant coffee and quite simply leave behind or avoid these items from the outset.

But wether on an extended MilSim– be it mid firefight or reconnaissance, out trailing through miles of woodland, or hiking through hills and mountain sides. The use, particularly in combination with the Aeropress and subsequent preparation offer a welcome distraction and morale inducing satisfaction, all rewarded with a steaming hot cup of joe …

GSI Java Mill aka ‘The Java Grinder’

Basic brief, what you really need to know is the GSI Java Mill grinds fresh coffee beans, and it does it well, really well.

But, here’s why -the difference between a good cup of coffee is all about the release of the flavonoids. First thing to understand about coffee, is the caffeinated vs decaffinated debate. Coffee beans are naturally caffeinated and the process to remove caffeine, deteriorates flavor, and in short, the beans commonly used, are more hardier variation, commonly Robusta, typically regarded inferior in flavor and prone to bitterness.

So, it’s recommended that you always start with fresh, whole caffeinated beans that have been stored away from heat, light and humidity. 

Here’s where, armed with your GSI Java Mill, you can quickly grind enough coffee for immediate use. It’s worth noting, unless correctly stored, ground coffees surfaces area increases immensely and exposure to air will eventually degrade its flavor. Never reuse already brewed grounds, the first brewing process having already given all the flavor, will result in a nasty bitter taste, adding a little hot water is often enough to rejuvenate a Luke warm cup.

The GSI offers the ability to adjust for desired coarseness. Removing the grounds cup allows access to the T-Handle – rotating clockwise will give a coarseness from Percolator, Coffee Boiler, Drip (very fine) through to Cowboy Coffee (very coarse) up to French Press  and Expresso (very fine).

The handle, which locks in place via the bearing in the grinders lug point. The rubber cap switched from end to end, either for storage or torque when in use, allows for the handle to be reversed.

Bearing assembly is removed, and whole coffee beans in through the top of the mill. Replace the bearing and handle. Grasping the Mill and turn the handle clockwise to grind, simply removing the cup afterwards and pour grounds into your preferred coffee maker.

This kit, has revolutionized not only the abilty to grind fresh coffee in the field, but prevents pre ground coffee from becoming damp, spilling loose and soiling other gears, but conversely gives a morale inducing satisfaction …

Aerobie Aeropress 
The brilliant, lightweight and portable AeroPress Coffee Maker produces quick, simple and delicious coffee in just 30 seconds. Increasingly popular with coffee aficionados, it can easily be dropped into a rucksack for a coffee-fuelled outdoor adventure and it’s a must-have for all camping situations. What’s more, the coffee it produces can easily compete with coffee from machines costing hundreds of pounds.

The AeroPress comes with a year’s supply of micro filters, coffee scoop, coffee stirrer and micro filter holder and works with standard-sized mugs …

Simply pour in your ground fresh coffee into the main body, which at the bottom of which seats the diffuser, it’s here you place either the paper filters.

Or, as I’ve chosen to replace, with the far superior permanent and reusable straining filter disc by Percolo

The paper filters are fine, but not only an added expense upon replacement, but another unnecessary item to be carried, prone to getting damp and even blown away in the wind. The Percolo filter once in place, gives an even finer brew, only furthering the rich aroma from fresh ground coffee, which as stated by Aerobie provides great tasting coffee, 1/5th less in acidity than as produced by other methods and devoid of any other flavors picked up from more traditional methods.

Then, simply adding freshly boiled water to the ground coffee, install the second part,  the the plunger.

Pushing down, creates a vacuum, this not only forces all the hot water through the coffee, but traps all of the steam which too, is forced through the coffee.

This gives not only an unparalleled hot cup of joe, but gives a superb brewing capability equal to if not superior to any high end, and expensive coffee maker. Unlike many French Presses, this does not lose heat and allows for a hot coffee in under 30 seconds. An ideal solution for any outdoors ‘cuppers’ S23

Post publication this very spotlight was featured on the Aeropress Store, check it out: http://aeropressstore.com/aeropress-coffee-daily/

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