Best Wishes – S23 Tactical Two Editorial

Best Wishes – S23 Tactical Two Editorial

Post recent interview and of course my obligatory article in the latest issue of Airsoft International (Vol 12 Iss 11) I’ve been afforded another fantastic opportunity to write an Editorial piece for Tactical Two.

Airsoft International Vol 12 Iss 11

You can read the editorial penned exclusively for Tactical Two right here:

Tactical Two, who need little introduction, are an incredible global collective of writers, enthusiasts who are passionate about Airsoft, MilSim.

Often ahead of the curve, with up to date current news, all with an encouraging positive message, these guys are as professional and slick as they come.

On point as always, an example of their work is well evidenced here:

I’ve been an avid reader for sometime now, always enjoying their incredible reviews on gears, kits and blasters.

I’ve been offered to collaborate further, and naturally I’ll be taking them up on this opportunity very soon.

They’ve really got their finger on the pulse and I’d encourage you to follow what they are up to and naturally have a good look through their back catalogue of material – S23

You can check out more from Tactical Two here:




S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier:
Don’t forget you can read our articles exclusive to Airsoft International each and every month:


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