Hard Lines and Sunken Cheeks – Japans BB37’s MARSOC team spotlight

Hard Lines and Sunken Cheeks – Japans BB37’s MARSOC team spotlight

So warmly received was our recent interview with Japan’s Bambooty37, we got offered a rare insight into the teams recent gathering in the New Year. Here Bambooty and some of his comrades, fellow MARSOC impressionistas convened in late January to get back into the swing of things in preparation for upcoming events and games they are planning on attending.

You can read our interview with Bambooty37 here: https://s23gearmonkey75.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/becoming-an-interview-with-japans-bambooty37/

Despite being an indooor training arena, it certainly looks immersive and really lent itself to the teams combined MARSOC gears.

Amongst the photo set Bambooty sent in were these portraits. Intriguingly, these captured in my mind something more life like about the past time, perhaps the passion, enthusiasm and obsession that we all share on some level.

Bambooty37 explained that each team member has not only researched extensively MARSOC gears, but then configured to best suit their playing style. Often this means a compromise, or a slight alteration. But it surely makes for a more effective team who can readily and easily switch between roles.

Each team member has drawn from a steady collection of real steel gears and high end replica components, some of which are further customized to produce an even more visually immersive impression.

Everything from distressing or camouflaging weaponary, decals and armory stickers are all utilized to give that final touch and polish.

Training is even for Airsoft, as Bambooty37 explains, an important part of team life, it allows the team to not only spend time together, trade and swap gears – but catch up as friends, as they are drawn all over from Japan. Furthermore, it’s a great way to hone and fine tune skills and muscle memory, putting the team in a ready condition when actually in game.

Regardless of which individual weapon platforms are chosen, be it Mk 18’s, Recce Rifles or Block II’s the team has optioned the same brand of blasters to allow interchangeability between each other – being able to use each other’s magazines and ammunition keeps everyone in the fight.

This CQB arena, whilst often used as a frequent skirmish site, offers the team to create a variety of scenarios, where they can develop problem solving skills, improve muscle memory but experiment with new or different gear sets – quite simply, seeing what works and what doesn’t …

We hope to see more from Bambooty37 and his team, you can check out more from Bambooty at the link below to his Instagram account – S23

BB37 Instagram: http://instagram.com/bambooty37

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