Use My Third Arm – The Third anniversary of the S23 Golf Mike 75 blog

Use My Third Arm – The Third anniversary of the S23 Golf Mike 75 blog
So, we started in earnest, the blog just over three years ago. The 25th of February marks our third anniversary official.

We’ve interviewed a wide array of individuals and teams, many of whom in the early days, we didn’t think or expect to give us the time of day.
However, they understood our mission, to showcase and spotlight all the incredible enthusiasm and effort that players put in, and saw an opportunity to support an endeavor that would positively encourage the best of our past time.
In the early days, Seraph from TF Green, Diablo, Cobalt stepped to really help put the blog on the map and help grow its audience. Of course, it can’t be forgotten that Gun Ho, helped get it all off the ground with our very first two interviews, on their blasters and load outs respectively.
Subsequently we’ve gone from strength to strength, stretching across the globe, amassing over 45k readers in 2016 alone. Not only interviewing UK based teams and players such as Gray Fox, OpFor, Bravo 46 but teams from Italy, Switzerland, United States and Belgium, Canada, Norway and more.

We also increased content on reviews of belts, weapon accessories, books, and apparel. Additionally we even diversified interview members of Punk Hardcore legends Suicidal Tendencies as well as Event Communication Kings Tactical Associates.
We further collaborated with our sponsors ToySoldier, reviewing two of their plate carriers and again, thanks to their incredible support look to work on more exciting projects.
Additionally diversifying our format several times through out the year, we interviewed multiple members from several teams, including the infamous CTF226, as well as featuring guest editorials from other writers, who reviewed sites and events including Combat Airsoft Groups – Op Eagle Fury.
Collaboration was also seen, where we reunited with long time friend The Reptile House not once – but three times, including interviewing the gargantuan literary giant himself.
The year was rounded out with more reviews, event reports including my attendance at MilSim’s such as Op Darkwater and the Ai500, interviews with Militaria Illustrator extraordinaire Marc Lee, Cobalt and Switzerland’s TF Hotel Sierra
This, put us into pole position, seeing not only an increased number of reviews, covering everything from gloves, jackets and boots but even our favorite subject coffee. 

Better yet, we dropped four brand new interviews, the UK’s Task Force 67, Canada’s Task Force Spartan, Italy’s Task Force Crow and Japan’s MARSOC inspired Bambooty37 (which was published in Japanese with English subtitles) and our very own Art Editor, Ben D from Airsoft International.
Speaking of Airsoft International, in part down to the incredible growing readership of the blog, for the last year and a half we’ve published exclusive content each and every month in the magazine, in fact as I type I’m already drafting work on the 14th piece, whilst we await our 13th article to hit the news stands later this month …

So, the real heroes, the ones we really want to celebrate with, the huge army of readers and supporters who make this all the more worthwhile. Is you, each and every month you cheer us on, writing in with feedback praise and even ideas, advice and encouragement. 

To mark our third anniversary, and in part as you demanded it we’ve brought back the infamous Mk II S23 ‘Beer Mat’ – limited to a very small number, the highly detailed PVC roundel is again produced by none other than our very good friends BritKitUSA.
Available in two options, you can get what will be the last run of these ever, individually or with our new Mk III ‘Ranger Diamond’ 23 patch.

Better yet, all of these will include a set of our high quality stickers, such as the ‘Beer Mat‘ coin sticker, Plastic Deth, Ranger Diamond and ESRB variants.

What’s been amazing, is to see these patches and stickers not only appear at events and skirmish fields in the UK, but spotted in Italy, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France, South Africa, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Spain and more …

So, it’s a huge warm thank you – keep on reading, we’ll keep writing and we’ve got some incredible things already lined up for the remainder of the year – S23   

You can get your exclusive S23 Familia Patch Mk II or Mk II patch here, either individually or as set right here: 

S23 Mk II Beer Mat

S23 Mk III Ranger Diamond

S23 Mk II Beer Mat & Mk III Ranger Diamond Set

All options come supplied with our sticker set.

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier:

Don’t forget you can read our articles exclusive to Airsoft International each and every month:


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