See The Signs – an interview with Sweden’s Klockar

See The Signs – an interview with Sweden’s Klockar

I’ve been a longstanding fan of this guys work, his passion, attention to detail and enthusiasm for the past time has to be applauded.
Who ? – Sweden’s very own Klockar

Recently I’ve feverishly and excitedly following his recent exploits, along with his buddy Gamble, where they released a sequential series of images from a recent photo shoot. Here they reenacted the rescue of hostages from the clutches of their evil captors in a thrilling VBSS scenario.
So, we had to get him on here and talk, gears, blasters and of course ‘Plastic Deth

S23: Welcome aboard, thanks for taking the time out to talk with us. We’ll open up with a little history, how’d you get started, how long have been playing Plastic Deth, collecting gears and reenacting ?

Klockar: Well I started playing Airsoft for the first time around 2000. And maybe played for a year or two. Then it was on hold for 12-13 years until a couple of years back when I started again and this time a bit more seriously. During 2015 I and a friend joined in on Team MIFFO that was freshly started and after that things just rolled on like a ball of snow down a hill. Putting Team MIFFO on the map, but also myself by interacting with all amazing people out there. Its such an amazing community really! Its basically just recently I have started making some character kits or doing this reenactment thing. But I guess making that Maritime  project together with Gamble really showed what we were capable of and the responce were amazing! 

S23: The recent VBSS photo shoot boasting some incredible imagery, gears and a fantastic location. How’d that come about, I loved that the series told a story too …

: Me and Gamble had been talking about doing some projects together and we started with this Maritime  more or less randomly. We had an idea from scratch that we wanted to tell a story. And we kept that line and I belive it paid off. But when we got in contact with personel on that ship and we knew we had access to that awesome place we started to do investigations about how the gear should look like and who we should get it from.

S23: What sort of research did you and Gamble put into those gears, the detail is incredible ?

: We had to look into the Swedish boarding unit but also we were looking a bit on some Special Police Units and their gear.We didn’t  wanna do an exact replica of them but our own interpretation of it. So basically its bits and pieces put together with an idea for details behind it.

S23: Now, whilst your attention to detail and realism is incredible – does it work or translate back onto the Airsoft field ?

: Yeah I belive so, I mean these kits are born from real steel operators so yes they work just as good for Airsoft. But again its all a matter of your own taste and gaming style. Compile your gear as you like and for your comfort.

S23: You’ve just dropped your stunning ‘Norse’ inspired patch. You collaborated on this design with Honey Badger Defense Company, tell us about its design and inspiration ?

: Haha .. yeah it turned out so cool I can hardly belive it. Just because Mr Badger asked me if I could design a patch. And I felt I had to do a patch related to me, my home and my history so it feels “real” and not just another patch. Quickly I drew a shield with a snake then adding the words “warrior, honour, victory” written in runes relating to my home area. After some hours or if it was the day after I sent back my draft to Glen who loved it and started to work translating it into digital form. And it turned out beautifully. Im really proud …

(You can get one of Klockar’s HBDC Rune Shields for $12 – DM him on his IG page, be quick these are going fast)

S23: You use a variety of blasters when deploy to events, training and skirmishes. What’s your mindset behind setting these up ?

: Usually I use my CQB tuned (1 joule) VFC/ASG Spectre with insane responce. But I love using my TM 870 shortened shotgun for those swift pop up and shoot moves. pulling that trigger is instant, no engine lag or anything. Just boom and the one in the other end have no to little time to react. My TM Glock 34 has been with me for about two years now and is my absolute favorite sidearm. Bringing some extras to the field ensure you that you can continue to play even if your main gun fails on you. and your day is not ruined.

S23: What next, any new and exciting projects lined up for 2017 ?

: Me and Gamble have a project that we are working on right now actually but its still a bit secret but I can say that Ubisoft is involved. Other than that its just to try plan for some events. I would love to go to IWA OutdoorClassics 2017. But hey, time and money … time and money. Maybe I’ll attend at the “Purge” a big game this May with over 300 Airsofters – that’s definitely on the list. Check it out here:

S23: … before we let you go, really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?

: Yeah definately! We have restricted shooting at our CQB “homefield” Tjärnan to single only. (except outside where bursts are allowed) I personally would love to see that being a new rule to use realcaps. It will probably change the dynamic of the game a bit. For the better I hope …

A huge thank you to Klockar for taking the time out to sit down with us, you can check out more work from both Klockar and Gamble at the IG and FB accounts below – S23





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