Legion – Klockar’s Viking ‘Snake Shield’Patch 

Legion – Klockar’s Viking ‘Snake Shield’ Patch 

I’ve amassed a vast myriad, a legion of patches. Wether I’ve purchased them for their aesthetic appeal, collectibility, or to complete a load out – I like em’ all …
I’ve been fortunate enough to trade, purchase or even gifted some pretty awesome ones too …

Jörmungandr lives, Krigare, Ära, Seger …

This patch is no less significant, every bit as special but even more relevantly it was the catalyst which kick started our Swedish Trilogy. It’s as if called out to me, to take an unexpected journey, interlinking all three interviews, almost by serendipity. This culminated in no less than three interviews in under a single week, with Klockar’s HRT/VBSS exploits, Raptors Sandy Cam wizardry and Russian gears, culminating with our first NSW/NSWDG DevTsix interview official, with Fenix.

… render final design by Honey Badger Defense

Klockar teamed up with Honey Badger Defense, to collaborate and produce not only a stunning PVC roundel, but one steeped in history, culture and myth all drawn from his home region in Sweden.

… the original design …

Initially sketching the design in pencil, with liner notes (demo form if you will) this was passed on in truest Norse tradition to master craftsman Honey Badger, to forge … err, render, execute and produce a piece evocative of its origins.

… arrived today with an awesome letter too …

It’s visually tangible battle worn shield form, bears the ancient Dalecarlia Runes, localized to the area Dalarna, Sweden. These translate as Warrior, Honour and Victory. Undoubtedly these resonated strongly with their ancestral forebears, but as a code of honor for our past time and community, I think they are particularly fitting too.
The Snake hewn upon the shield represents the Midgardian Serpent, Jörmungandr, one of three children to none other than Loki himself.
This resonates, personably as my own shield – the punk hardcore driven ethic that made inspiration for my own ‘beer mat’ design is too, a tale of personal coffee drenched history – a good friend of my recently said and good patch has a story … S23

You can read any or all of the trilogy of interviews here:

See The Signs – an interview with Sweden’s Klockar, read it here: https://s23gearmonkey75.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/see-the-signs-an-interview-with-swedens-klockar/
Creeping Deth – an interview with SandyCam creator Raptor 08, read it here: https://s23gearmonkey75.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/creeping-deth-an-interview-with-sandy-cam-creator-raptor-08/
Ironfist – an interview with FENIX – Development Team 6, read it here: https://s23gearmonkey75.wordpress.com/2017/02/03/ironfist-an-interview-with-fenix-devtsix/

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