Flashpoint – S23/ToySoldier Custom CAG Concealable Plate Carrier Anniversary review Feat. Kable RT

Flashpoint – S23/ToySoldier Custom CAG Concealable Plate Carrier Anniversary review Feat. Kable RT

It’s our third anniversary, wow, time sure flies by when your having fun right?
Well, we’ve made it this far, it’s been an incredible journey that’s seen us exponentially grow and build up a vast library of material, interviews, reviews spotlights and of course not forgetting our exclusive articles written for Airsoft International magazine.


It’s your readership, support and encouragement – cheering us on each and every month that’s made this all possible. So, it’s with a hearty warm handshake I say to you all cheers and thank you.
So, to celebrate in the lead up to our third anniversary we’ve released over the last few weeks quite possibly our heaviest run of interviews and reviews. 

All of which has amassed record number of reads from all over the globe.
Furthermore we released our third patch, the Mk III ‘S23 Ranger Diamond’ and a very limited run of the now infamous Mk II ‘Beer Mat’ S23 Familia patch. These sold out in record time. They’ve shipped to far flung corners of the globe including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, United States and all over the United Kingdom.


But, before we conclude our celebrations – we thought we’d round out with a very special collaboration, with the support of our long time sponsors ToySoldier.

Custom CAG Concealable Plate Carrier

Rather than the obligatory review format we decided that we’d turn it up a little louder and really deliver something a little more hardcore …
ToySoldier, who coincidentally celebrate their 15th Anniversary – have released to mark the occasion their latest catalogue entry, the Custom CAG Concealable Plate Carrier.


So, to take it up a gear, we brought in Kable, from Florida’s Red Team and got him to put it through its paces. Better yet, drawing from his former Military service and seventeen years of Law Enforcement experience he agreed to really put it out to the test. 

Here, Kable loads it up with real ballistic armor, and took a trip out to the range to test it out.

Kable RT – with his latest build, Windham AR


Yup, Plastic Deth meets Real Steel, here as ToySoldiers new Custom CAG style Concealable Plate Carrier get put through its paces.

Produced in a durable wrought mesh, in ‘smoke green’ it’s certainly an aesthetically appealing plate carrier which is packed with functionality.
Assembled with ToySoldiers usual care, attention to detail, MilSpec stitching and solid bar tacked MOLLE it’s a solidly constructed piece of gear, true to their reputation as industry leaders and pioneers of high replica gear.

The front and rear plate and soft armor carriers are conjoined by the adjustable Cordua shoulder straps and subsequently closed around the torso with its elasticated cummerbund. 

It’s a nice design feature seen here, that the front Velcro point also holds a concealed low profile kangaroo pouch for three 5.56 magazines, without breaking its profile. Either side of the front end of the cummerbund comes with two adjacent rows of MOLLE for the placement of either pistol magazine, radio, ordinance or any other pouches required to be forward facing and immediately accessible.

Lo-Vis kangaroo pouch


This is not where the Plate Carrier stops with its innovation – the rear of the carrier, which has large vertically placed Velcro to hold in place the zipped back panel. 

Here, additional items such as magazines, flash bangs, medical and first aid equipment can be carried securely but with the option of being removed.

back panel for additional load bearing capability


Great for vehicular work, or reducing its profile when not needed or carried in a pack or day sack. 

Much like their recently produced CVC Plate Carrier, this is listed or perhaps rather described as ‘medium’ in size. However, it’d be perhaps better described, within reason as one size fits all. Both I and Kable are an adult proportioned six foot tall and exceptionally broad framed. 

… shoulder points expand and decrease to adjust fit and height


This present no problem, as the best can be correctly sized adjusting the depth of wear, to provide correct position of both Plate Bags giving ample coverage and naturally protection from armor carried from lower abdomen to sternum. 

Shoulder Points feature channels and attachment points for hydration tubes and comm’s cables. Rear Panel is attached to Velcro bar and secured with heavy duty YKK zippers


Soft Armor installed along with ballistic plates is a snug, tight and taught affair, this is a good thing. It’s the fit and form which assists which correct placement and optimum protection from inserted armor. 

Furthermore, devoid of unnecessary voids or excess space this only furthers its original design brief, covert, low profile and utilitarian.

It’s here that’s its mesh outer and inner cover, which needless to say is durable and withstanding of the rigors and abuse endured wether on the range, or training on the field – albeit Plastic Deth or Real Steel proves it’s worth.

The mesh offsets body heat that would otherwise prove intolerable, thus not compromising its high speed, low drag covert design.
Kable, added a few additional magazine pouches, which the Carrier admirably coped with additional load bearing weight, and gave optimum positioning for quick intuitive reloading. 

Positioned either on the left or right at either five or seven o’clock sitting just above either hip prevents discomfort when prone, or more importantly impeding drawing secondary weapons platforms from the belt line. This also prevents restrictive access to and from vehicle or distorting body line and preventing movement through confined spaces and doorways.

The zippered back panel is the real star of the show, its modularity allowing for to be quickly removed or installed is innovative and offers the end user a broad range of load carriage options. Here, pouches can be used to carry either Flash Bangs, Smoke Grenades or singular magazines either for you or team mates, operating the buddy system.

Now, we roped in Kable from Red Team to really get behind what this Plate Carrier was all about, and really give an honest perspective based on over 20 years of Military and Law Enforcement experience. Here’s what that main man had to say: 

My first impression was that I was straight off, visually impressed by the vest. I loved the way it looked and how closely it represented the actual/real version especially with its quality of build, which was on point!

The fit was outstanding especially considering my build (6’01 athletic frame) and the comfort of the vest was off the chart … It’s really comparable to wearing my soft armor on duty over the exterior of my uniform. Also, just for reference I let several other colleagues and team mates try on the vest that were not as tall as me and different body frame sizes and the vest adjustments aided the vest in providing a good fit to each particular individual.

As for performance, I really wanted to see if my REAL soft armor would fit and to my surprise IT DID! There are also inserts/pocket to add ballistic plates (which I’ve yet to try). The vest performed extremely well, like I stated earlier the quality of build is exceptional, definitely Kable approved (laughs) …

I actually wanted to keep the Paraclete theme going on the vest so I added two Pre MSA double M4 pouches and a Pre MSA quad pistol mag pouch. To hold my bangers/smokes in the front I added the ToySoldier velcro flashbang/smoke holder.
… due to the exceptional quality of build and attention to detal that was put in making this vest, it handled the range and training with ease. I would definitely recommend this vest to any player who is looking for a high quality vest at a budget price. It comes with a triple mag insert and zip on back panel, you cant go wrong with a deal like that – Kable RT

Whilst, it must strenuously reminded here, that this in fact was produced specifically for the reenactment and Airsoft market – its testament to its build quality, materials and construction that it ably performs when put through its paces on the range.
It’s a welcome addition to ToySoldiers catalogue, and a worthy addition to any gear enthusiasts gear locker – S23

ToySoldiers Alan rocking his CAG style Plate Carrier

You can find the Custom CAG style Concealable Plate Carrier over at ToySoldier here: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product/detail/1339

Looking to accessorize your conceable plate carrier, look no further than ToySoldiers Paraclete style MBITR Pouch: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product/detail/1366
Special thanks to Kevin and the ToySoldier Team & Kable RT.

Kable RT is proudly sponsored by Virtus Outdoor Group: http://virtusoutdoorgroup.com/

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/

S23 is proudly sponsored by Emperion Store: http://emperionstore.com/

Don’t forget you can read our articles exclusive to Airsoft International each and every month:http://www.ai-mag.com/


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