Over the Edge – Emperion Store Italy

Over the Edge – Emperion Store Italy

As I’m sure many of you are all aware we recently published our review of FMA’s stellar ‘replica’ of Ops Core’s Maritime Lvl III Aramid Fibre Helmet.
Naturally this not only aesthetically ticked all the boxes, meeting beyond expectation, such as fit, form, coloration, weight and scale.

Train Yard Blues – FMA  Lvl IIIA Aramid Fibre Ops Core https://s23gearmonkey75.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/train-yard-blues-fma-lvl-iiia-aramid-fibre-ops-core/
Function over form, it’s fit and weight only further to enhance the use of ACT’s Lunox monocular NVG. Offering to date unparalleled secure fit, eye relief and comfort.

Enter Emperion Store, who in lieu of the Far East’s New Year celebrations, where not only the most immediate available stockists, but the most competitively priced too. 

Better yet, their on hand staff, quickly answered some general questions, confirming not only was it in stock but offering and immediate dispatch.
Well, possibly the fastest delivery I’ve ever witnessed, Emperion had this to my front door all the way from Italy to the UK in under 17 hours. As such, this was notably reflected in the review. This review subsequently caught their eye …


Well, it’s with great pride to announce that we’ve collaborated with Emperion, and as such we fully endorse them as quite possibly one of Europes best Airsoft, Tactical and Outdoor retailers we’ve had the pleasure to encounter. 

s23 is proudly sponsored by Emperion: emperionstore.com

They too have kindly reciprocated in endorsing the blog, carrying our very own ‘beer mat’ avatar on their web store. This is an incredible opportunity and their support goes a long way to helping grow the S23 Famila.

Daniele and Emperion Team in the field

It’s worth noting, speaking with CEO Daniele, he explained that they are long standing players within both the Airsoft/MilSim community. Seeing a gap in the market they quickly established Emperion as a growing concern just under a decade ago. Quite simply, to bring the very best of Airsoft blasters and equipment to the market, not only at competitive prices but with good, knowledge based customer service.

Stocking brands such as Systema, Guarder, G&P, Madbull, PTS and of course our very own ‘other’ favorite sponsor ToySoldier.

… superior customer service …

Better yet, they also offer a wide range of real steel gears from Oakley, LBT, Crye, Blue Force Gear, Hill People Gear, Platatac and much more.

… Eagle Industries …

So don’t delay head on over and check em’ out, tell em’ we sent you – I’ve already spotted several rare and elusive items I’ve been after for quite sometime – S23

Check out Emperion Store here:

Web: emperionstore.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Emperion/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/emperionstore

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/

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